Maintenance Tips for A Newly Replaced Rear Windshield Glass

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The purpose of the rear windshield is not just to provide visibility. It also serves a vital function as the supporting structure. The support structure acts as a structural anchor, maintaining the vehicle’s shape.

Accidents can cause the rear windshield of automobiles to crack. Therefore, you must replace your rear windshield immediately if it breaks to prevent any future damage to your vehicle. This action will also help you avoid vision damage.

These are the simple aftercare tips you should know if your mechanic suggests that you have a rear windshield replacement done.

How to Care For Your Rear Windshield Glass?

You will receive the rear windshield attached to your car when you arrive at the garage. You may be tempted to take your vehicle away, but you should wait to learn about aftercare tips that will assist you in maintaining your new windshield glass.

Avoid Driving your Car Immediately After

Urethane is used to replace rear windshields. Curing is when urethanes take time to set and harden. The curing process of an adhesive depends on several factors, such as temperature and humidity. It can take as long as 24 hours to cure in some cases. Therefore, it is a good rule not to drive your car for more than an hour after your rear windshield replacement. This action will ensure the adhesive dries appropriately and doesn’t leave any cracks in the glass.

Leave The Tape On

Some windshield repair centers use tape to attach a new windshield to the vehicle’s rear. Vehicle owners can remove the tape to restore the automobile’s elegance. However, it would be best if you only peeled the windshield tape for the minimum time required by the service provider. This action will ensure that the adhesive will not trap dust, particles, or other debris. This debris tends to cause damage to the overall glass-to-body connection and can therefore negate the entire windshield replacement.

Avoid Car Washes

Car washes often use high-strain jets, and motor pumps to remove dust and particles from the vehicle. You might end up with a poorly set windshield if the adhesive or sealant used to fix it hasn’t dried properly. A detergent or cleaning liquid used by an auto wash facility will likely be harsh on silicone sealants and adhesives. You should not wash your vehicle for 24 hours after a rear-window replacement. If you think your automobile needs to be cleaned and is extremely dirty, use mild soaps and detergents at home and low-pressure water sprays.

You Must Be Careful When Driving

Do not rush your driving after a rear windshield replacement. Avoid driving on bumpy terrains to protect your back windshield. Also, it is essential not to rush and bang at your automobile’s roof. You can create a massive strain on your car, which could cause cracks in your windshield. To help the pressure from getting away, open the window a bit before you exit your vehicle.

Don’t Close the Window

The heat could cause your vehicle to become constrained if you live in an area with high temperatures. You should not leave your car unattended in heat environments for too long. Your rear windshield glass can crack or become detached.

How Do I Detect An Incorrectly Installed Windshield?

Even with all the precautions, your rear windshield can still be installed incorrectly. Incorrectly mounted windshields can pose a risk and must be correctly positioned and fixed. Here are some warning signs that you have a windshield improperly mounted.

  • There are gaps in the frame and windshield glass rear
  • It sounds like you are driving and making a whooshing sound
  • Unregular visibility through the rear windshield

Immediately take your vehicle to your windshield replacement shop, such as Auto Glass Repair Warwick RI, if you notice these signs.

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