NFT Gaming Launchpad Development

by Jennifer_watson

The initial game offering (IGO) is a type of crowdfunding for blockchain and non-financial token (nft gaming launchpad development)-based games. Fundamentally, IGOs lower the entry barrier for investors in the gaming industry. They accomplish this by allowing them to obtain in-game assets and tokens before they are made available to the general public. Furthermore, investors put their money into IGO launchpads’ gaming initiatives and expect significant returns after a project is listed on major crypto exchanges or gains traction in the growing gaming community. IGOs are a completely new domain enabled by blockchain app development.

What exactly is IGO (Initial Game Offering)?

As previously stated, an IGO is a method used by blockchain game developers to crowdfund an early-stage game. Early investors are rewarded with valuable in-game goods and tokens at a significant discount before the public auction.

Indeed, IGOs differ from ICOs. They are primarily concerned with the gaming industry. Developers can directly solicit funding from their target audience by presenting their gaming projects through an IGO. As a result, the growing popularity of this type of launchpad has fueled explosive growth in the blockchain gaming industry.

The Fundraising Model for the Initial Gaming Offering

The initial gaming offering (IGO) is a type of funding designed specifically for non-traditional gaming projects. It is similar to other well-known crypto fundraising techniques such as the ICO, IEO, IDO, and so on. In layman’s terms, IGO is a new game funding concept that uses an IGO launchpad to get a game off the ground. Furthermore, investors research the project and join the IGO in exchange for in-game assets or tokens if it appears promising. Early adopters or investors will eventually benefit from assets they control as the effort grows.

What is an IGO launchpad, and how does it work?

IGO launchpads connect innovative fundraising ideas with investors. An IGO launchpad is a location where early-stage blockchain gaming initiatives can raise funds. Investors purchase an IGO launchpad’s native token and use it to fund contributions to the IGOs of their choice.

To invest in the project, users must either lock their tokens into a pool or stake them. However, this is dependent on the Launchpad platform. The participants are then given in-game asset tokens, or NFTs, which they must use to play the game. Some of the most popular IGO launchpads are GameFi, Seedify Fund, TrustPad, and BinanceNFT.

Features of the IGO Launchpad

Integration with a digital wallet

Pay people or businesses securely in any currency from anywhere on the planet. Allow recipients to select how they want their payments delivered.

Scam-Prevention Measures

Scam prevention measures make your IGO launchpad more trustworthy. Incorporate anti-scam tactics that track proxy habits and other factors.

Flow trading

Cooling times are no longer an issue in flow trading. Flow trading is used on the launchpad because there is no need to wait for transaction execution.


You can gain users’ trust by making everything completely transparent to them. As a result, the source code should be available for public scrutiny and verification.

Various Staking Models

Our IGO launchpad generates several staking modules that allow all users to participate in IGOs, thereby creating an ecosystem for them.

Automated Liquidity Pool

Allows you to connect your IGO launchpad to an automated liquidity pool, allowing investors to contribute funds in exchange for yields.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

A top The use of a KYC in the IGO Launchpad by IGO Launchpad Development Company ensures privacy and prevents fraudulent activity.

Chain Compliance

We provide a decentralised cross-chain fundraising platform that allows projects to raise funds while protecting early-stage investors.

Support for Multiple Chains

A Multi-chain IGO launchpad must support multiple crypto wallets. You can build an effective crowdfunding site using our multi-chain IGO launchpad solution.

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