Purattasi Saturdays Lord Venkateswara Rituals

As per the Hindu scriptures, Vishnu’s love for his devotees made him incarnate as Venkateswara.

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Purattasi- A Month Dedicated To Lord Venkateswara

 The 6th month in the Tamil calendar is Purattasi (mid-Sept – mid-Oct). This is a very auspicious month for Hindus, especially Vaishnavite Hindus. The month is dedicated to Lord Balaji or Venkateswara. The Saturdays in this month are very special. Homas and Poojas are performed on Purattasi Saturdays. Devotees eat only vegetarian meals on Purattasi Saturdays. Some take only vegetarian food during the entire month.

 As per the Hindu scriptures, Vishnu’s love for his devotees made him incarnate as Venkateswara. He appeared for the salvation and upliftment of mankind in Kali Yuga (the current age). This is the supreme form of Vishnu in Kali Yuga. Lord Venkateswara temple is also known as Kaliyuga Vaikuntam.

 During Purattasi month, devotees express gratitude to Lord Venkateswara for preserving the Universe at the end of Kali Yuga. They also observe a strict fast or Purattasi Viratham on Saturdays, as it is a favorite day for him. They also offer special prayers and rituals to Lord Venkateswara on all Purattasi Saturdays. Purattasi fasting pleases Vishnu.

 The Power of Purattasi Saturdays

 On Purattasi Saturdays, there are special rituals for Lord Venkateswara, Navagrahas (Nine Planets), and Shani Bhagwan (Saturn). Lord Venkateswara manifested on earth in this month, and he also returned to his heavenly abode (Vaikuntam) in the same month. It is also said that Shani Bhagwan loses his powers in this month. So, people can get relief from the adverse effects of Planet Shani or Saturn in Purattasi month.

 Sage Narada asked Vishnu how his devotees could worship Lord Venkateswara after he returned to Vaikuntam. Lord Vishnu’s reply was that devotees who observed fast and prayed to him on Purattasi Saturdays can gain relief from the poverty caused by Lord Shani during this month.

 Saturday worship can supposedly free one from the negative influence of Shani. Saturday is dedicated to Shani, so one can please him easily on this day. As Shani loses his powers this month, he will not pose hurdles to the worship of Lord Venkateswara. So, it’s easier to get the Lord’s blessings and grace in Purattasi month. People offer sesame oil lamps and ghee lamps to Saturn this month.

 On Saturdays, men and women who are Vishnu devotees draw the Naamam or two feet symbol of Lord Vishnu on their foreheads. They chant hymns on all Purattasi Saturdays that are dedicated to Vishnu. Special prayers and Poojas take place in Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple during this month. Thousands of devotees flock to Lord Venkateswara temples to get darshan of the Lord. 

Purattasi Rituals Can Remove Negative Vibrations

 Supposedly, Lord Balaji expects his devotees to visit Tirumala Tirupati on all Saturdays of Purattasi month. Those who, for some reason, cannot visit Tirupati make Maavilakus and worship Lord Venkateshwara on these Saturdays. In this way, they receive his grace even if they don’t climb the seven hills of Tirupati. Maavilakku is made of rice flour, jaggery, cardamon, and cow ghee. They light a lamp on the first or third Saturday. This ritual is mostly done when there is no Utsavam at Tirupati Temple. This ritual supposedly helps to remove all the negative vibrations that are present in the house.

 Prayers commence with the burning of camphor and agarbathi. Devotees sing religious songs and ring sacred bells. They keep chanting ‘Govinda’, the name of the Lord, continuously. Tulsi leaf theertham is given to everyone, and lastly, the Prasad is distributed.

 In all Vishnu temples, Patha Darshan by the devotees is a must in all Vishnu temples. It symbolizes total surrender to the Lord. Special food offerings called ”Purattasi padayal” is prepared in the Madapalli (temple kitchen). At Vishnu temples, a flag with an image of Garuda (Vishnu’s mount) is hoisted on the Dhwajasthambam.

 During Purattasi month, the Sun transits in Virgo. Budhan or Mercury rules Virgo and Lord Vishnu is the planetary Lord of Budhan. Hence, worshipping Vishnu in this month protects one from the negative effects of planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Shani and Budhan are friends. So, worshipping the Lord on Saturdays can remove Shani-related afflictions.

 Importance of Performing Special Rituals on Purattasi Saturdays

 Purattasi Saturday worship is said to be one of the easiest ways to invoke Lord Venkateswara’s blessings. One can gain happiness, wealth, and prosperity by worshipping the Lord with special rituals on Purattasi Saturdays. It also helps to remove one’s sins.

 Get ready to receive Vishnu’s blessings during Purattasi maasam 2022. Purattasi 2022 is from 18 September to 17 October.

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