How to keep your dogs safe

by megha
  1. Never transport your dog in the back of a truck.

Every year, approximately 100,000 dogs are killed while riding in a truck’s flatbed, either by falling out or being struck by debris. This does not include the many others who were hurt in other types of vehicles. Please keep your dog with you in the car, ideally restrained in some way. Depending on your dog’s size, temperament, or the length of your journey, you can safely transport your dog in a crate or carrier as long as it is secure and cannot slide around in the event of a sharp turn or accident. You can also keep your dog safe by purchasing a seat belt attachment that connects directly to their harness and secures them in the seat. You can always consult your veterinarian if you have questions about where your dog should ride in the car.

       2. Always keep an ID tag on your dog.

You never realize the importance of an ID tag until you are separated from your dog. Make an ID tag with your phone number, the name of your dog, and the phone number of your veterinarian. Maintain the accuracy of this data. 3. Get your pet microchipped.

3. Have your dog microchipped.

Accidents happen, and dogs’ collars can become untethered. Assume your dog goes missing but is microchipped. In that case, a veterinary hospital or animal shelter will scan all found pets for microchips and contact you if your dog has one. In the worst-case scenario, if your dog is stolen, a microchip can be used to prove ownership. They are inexpensive and as simple and painless to administer as a vaccine.

4. Always keep your dog on a leash when out in public.

Even the most obedient dog will bolt if another dog, human, or animal approaches. Please keep your dog leashed in public places to avoid losing it or being involved in an accident or injury such as a dog fight, a vehicle collision, or other physical harm.

  5. Consult your veterinarian before experimenting with new foods or medications.

Dietary or medication changes can cause a variety of health problems in your pet if not done correctly or in accordance with your veterinarian’s instructions. You are the most knowledgeable about your pet and want to provide the best food, supplements, and medical care possible. The best way to do so is to discuss any changes you want to make with your veterinarian and why. Your veterinarian can then ensure that you have a safe product and plan in place, as well as record the change in your pet’s medical records. Your veterinarian will have the most up-to-date information on your dog’s health and lifestyle if he or she becomes ill or injured.


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