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by Suraj C

Vihangi Nagda, an international speed skater and the national champion of India, launched Skateraati Sports Services, the first recognized roller skating school in the United Arab Emirates. In 2001 (Valence d’Agen, France) and 2003 (Barquisimeto, Venezuela), she represented India at the World Inline Speed Skating Championships. In 1999 (Shanghai, China), she won the Asian Roller Skating Classes In Dubai Championship five times in a row. She has served as an assistant coach for the Indian Team and as a national referee.

What is skating on rollers?

Roller skating is a sport or pastime that involves gliding on a hard surface while wearing footwear with wheels.

According to Britannica, roller skating is the movement of roller skates across a surface. It is a sport, a form of recreation, and a mode of transportation. Roller skating is a leisure and competitive sport in which competitors maneuver about on ice rinks or paved surfaces wearing special shoes mounted with miniature wheels.

Lessons in skating schools cover the fundamentals of roller skating. Then, using the fundamentals, we produce a performance that is art in motion. Learning to skate helps people become more self-assured, disciplined, and responsible. Strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination are all enhanced by skating.

The route to success in roller figure skating, as in life, is shaped by one’s direction, focus, and control. An excellent place to start for both is by learning how to navigate figures. Skaters’ precision and edge control improve as they maneuver those painted curves, loops, and serpentines, preparing them for the fictitious lines they’ll draw later.

Figures also expose a person to the challenging yet gratifying sport of roller skating. Excellent coordination, strength, and flexibility are just a few of the many physical advantages. Beyond this, though, roller derby figure skating also imparts focus, cooperation, and even responsibility.

Most people imagine roller skating as a joyful activity to enjoy with friends and family at the neighborhood rink when they think of it. Rightfully so. Roller figure skating, however, is a serious and difficult sport that is less popular.

Roller figure skating, which is currently acknowledged as a Class-B Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee, is featured all through the year at local, regional, and national tournaments organised by the U.S.A. Roller Sports. Similar events take place all around the world and are brought to a thrilling worldwide conclusion each year by the International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS). The Olympic Committee frequently considers including roller figure skating and other roller sports in future competitions due to their increasing popularity and participation.

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