Skin Biopsy: What is It, and How Treatment Work

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Skin care is vital to prevent allergies and infections that can cause severe illnesses. However, not all skin diseases are fatal, but skin cancer like melanoma is dangerous. It can develop on the skin and progress with its stages to cause an end of life. However, a skin biopsy near me can tell if the suspicious lesion on your body is abnormal. A biopsy is performed to remove the sample from the affecting site to check under a microscope. This screening has many types, and a doctor might choose a specific one for the types of lesions. This post will help you to know about skin biopsy, its work, and expected results.

Cancers that a biopsy can confirm


Melanoma is responsible for the highest death rate of skin cancer. The depth of the tumor affects the staging of this cancer and how it affects your health. If this cancer is suspected, your healthcare provider will recommend a skin biopsy to check the sample.

Basal cell carcinoma

Biopsy is also a common form of cancer that affects the skin, and it usually begins as a skin bump that gradually turns into a cancerous tumor. It may happen due to sun exposure to the skin. It is often diagnosed after evaluation with a biopsy.

Squamous cell

This type of skin cancer is not usually life-threatening and can be diagnosed. It develops as a red lesion on the skin due to sun exposure. However, untreated squamous cells can lead to serious complications.

Well, squamous and basal cell carcinoma are non-melanoma cancers of the skin. They often do not spread to other parts and organs of the body. They can be treated well with the help of a skin biopsy near me. However, in the case of melanoma, a biopsy could help to detect cancer only.

Techniques of skin biopsy

Shave Biopsy

It is the most familiar type of biopsy that works to collect samples of skin lesions. It works for the lesions and suspicious spots which are raised on the skin. The procedure is fairly simple, like shaving your face and legs. This biopsy usually does not require deeper penetration for cutting the skin. But a professional will use a razor-like sharp blade to cut an epidermal layer of skin. This biopsy often does not pose a risk of bleeding. But a nitrate solution is applied to prevent the risk of bleeding.

Punch biopsy

This biopsy works to cut the portion of skin tissue in a cylindrical shape with a specialized tool. The tools for performing this biopsy come in different sizes. So, the healthcare provider will choose the appropriate tool to cut the lesion to remove the best sample. The tool will be rotated to cut the skin if the lesion is suspected. Sometimes, it is used to cut the entire piece if it is small in size. Well, this biopsy takes a deeper skin sample and often needs a single stitch on the skin.

Incisional biopsy

This skin biopsy near me is performed with the help of a knife-like surgical tool. It is recommended biopsy type in case the lesion is suspected to be a melanoma. However, with this biopsy, a small portion of tissue is collected. The area of the wound is covered with a bandage after the tissue is removed.

Excisional biopsy

Prior to biopsy, a cut is made on the skin, and the lesion is removed with a sharp surgical tool. This biopsy also works to detect the presence of melanoma cancer on the skin. In this sample collection, a doctor has to remove the whole lesion. However, this is a deeper incision to remove the entire sample of the suspected lesion. So, it needs to be closed firmly, which might require several stitches.

All these skin biopsies would require utmost precision and care. Before performing these procedures, a numbing agent is needed to be applied to the skin. This would help the medical expert to get sample collection without pain.

Skin biopsy results

Well, the treatment for skin disease would start once the results are revealed. It might take a few days to get the results, but they will be accurate. The report will confirm whether the skin is cancerous or not. However, if the result confirmed the melanoma, further biopsies might be needed to know its extent. So, you must consult with your doctor if the results are positive.

To sum up

With a skin biopsy near me, you will be able to detect skin cancer early. So, early detection may help in better treatment. However, a biopsy might also be recommended by dermatologists to treat other skin conditions like eczema. So, look no further for a biopsy if you find anything suspected on your skin. You can get it done in an urgent care center located in your vicinity.

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