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If you need to speed up your WordPress site, your journey constantly wishes first of all speedy WordPress web hosting.

But once you’ve nailed the web hosting part, there are some of beneficial WordPress speed optimization plugins that permit you to enhance the front-end optimization of your site.

When I say “WordPress speed optimization plugins”, your thoughts may instantly jump to caching plugins. And yes, there are numerous caching plugins in this list, due to the fact implementing strong web page caching is an essential part of speeding up your site.

However, there’s more to overall performance than just caching, so we didn’t limit this collection to caching plugins. We’ve additionally covered different plugins that will help you optimize certain elements of your site, including how your scripts load, image compression, lazy loading, and more.

Keep studying for a look at some great WordPress overall performance plugins.


WP Rocket is one of the great all-purpose WordPress overall performance plugins. It permit you to enforce web page caching, in addition to a ton of different overall performance optimization tactics.

As quickly as you activate WP Rocket, it automatically implements some of overall performance optimization strategies, including:

  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Gzip compression

Then, WP Rocket consists of a user-friendly interface where you may configure different optimization strategies which includes:

  • Minification
  • Combine files
  • Eliminate render-blocking
  • JavaScript
  • Heartbeat API control
  • Lazy loading
  • CDN integrations
  • Option to host tracking scripts locally (which includes Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel)
  • Database optimization
  • Cloudflare integration

I assume WP Rocket is the great WordPress overall performance plugin for beginners because it does an excellent process of simplifying the whole thing. For example, the interface has actually convenient explanations for what every setting does. Additionally, the reality that it’s all in a single plugin minimizes compatibility issues.

Those same elements also usually make it right for humans looking to save time and streamline things.

In the end, you’re sort of paying for convenience and simplicity. You can accomplish quite much the entirety that WP Rocket does with unfastened plugins. It’s simply going to be more complicated and you’ll probably need to use a couple of plugins.


Perfmatters allows you optimize masses of smaller components of your WordPress site. It doesn’t do web page caching, however it’s a remarkable choice to pair with a caching plugin.

First off, Perfmatters assist you to disable lots of small settings in WordPress that maximum web sites don’t need. For example, the emoji font, the WordPress version number, Dashicons, and others.

These are all small tweaks through themselves, however they are able to collectively eliminate some of unnecessary HTTP requests.

It additionally has an effective scripts manager tool that helps you to conditionally load JavaScript/CSS on sure pages. For example, in case your contact form plugin loads its scripts sitewide, you may use Perfmatters to change that in order that it only loads its scripts on your contact web page. This is other remarkable manner to reduce down on unnecessary sitewide HTTP requests.

Other useful overall performance tweaks include:

  • DNS prefetching
  • Disable Heartbeat API
  • Lazy load images
  • Host analytics locally
  • Preconnect

It can also assist you connect with a CDN.

Overall, if you’re already using a caching plugin (or your host does caching for you), this is a remarkable one to add on to optimize lots of smaller parts of WordPress performance.


WP Super Cache is other famous unfastened caching plugin. It comes from Automattic, the same organization behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack.

The great aspect about this plugin is its simplicity. If you’re a total beginner, you could just set up it, check a single box, and you’re set to jet.

If you do need a little bit more control, there’s an advanced settings area in which you could configure:

Gzip compression

Browser caching

How to cache content

How regularly to update the cache

It additionally includes a function to permit you to preload content into the cache, along with a tool that will help you connect with a CDN of your choice.


W3 Total Cache is other famous unfastened caching plugin at

It’s the maximum feature-rich caching plugin, however it’s additionally the maximum complicated caching plugin.

All this is to say, if you’re a beginner or casual person, I might recommend staying away from W3 Total Cache and using one of those different plugins. However, if you’re a developer or power user who desires to control each little thing of how caching works on your site, this one may be an extremely good option. For example, you’ve access to:

  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Database caching
  • Object caching
  • Fragment caching

W3 Total Cache can also assist you with document minification and connecting to a CDN of your choice.


WP-Optimize began out as a database optimization plugin earlier than morphing into a more full-service WordPress speed optimization plugin that can:

  • Implement web page caching
  • Compress images
  • Enable Gzip compression

It can also still optimize your database, of course.

There’s additionally a top class model that can:

  • Schedule database cleanups
  • Remove orphaned (unused) images
  • Lazy load images
  • Optimize individual database tables

WP-Optimize comes from the same team because the famous UpdraftPlus backup plugin, so it’s got an excellent crew behind it.


Autoptimize is a famous unfastened plugin that allows you optimize your web page’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It does not do web page caching, though.

First, it allows you implement famous tactics:

Minification: This shrinks the size of your web page’s code without converting its functionality through eliminating pointless characters such as line breaks and whitespaces.

Concatenation: This shrinks the quantity of requests on your web page through combining separate documents into a single file.

Beyond that, it is able to additionally assist you defer loading certain scripts, async JavaScript, lazy load images, and eliminate a few simple things such as emojis.

Overall, Autoptimize is other right plugin to pair with a caching plugin or your host’s server-level caching.


A cache plugin is a must have WordPress plugin to enhance web page speed and overall performance and boom person satisfaction. You can use any of the plugins above to create a quick internet site that delights your visitors without touching any code in your theme.

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