Task Management In Field Force Management System

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Can you imagine trying to handle tasks for fifty individual employees who are out on the field? No, right? Neither can we. This is why you need help from a field force management system to not only manage but also optimise your workforce.


Task management software allows managers to have full control over the task completion process of their frontline workforce. It allows them to upload and track tasks through a single platform, making the entire process so much easier.


So what exactly is task management and why should businesses invest in it? Let us find out.

What is Task Management Solution?

As the name suggests, task management solutions optimise the entire field operations – right from planning, and delegating to analysing tasks. Through field force management software, managers can directly assign and schedule tasks for their workforce. These tasks appear on the employee App as and when they are due.


Traditionally, it is very difficult for managers to trace employees and enquire about their tasks statuses. But with advanced field employee monitoring solutions, they get real-time updates on employee activities. They can check the employees’ location and so much more.


Task management also aids employees to keep records of their completed tasks. This entire automated process can help businesses become more productive.


What Does Task Management Have To Offer?

Task management in technology’s absence is very difficult and prone to human errors. This is where field force management systems comes to modern business’s rescue. Advanced Feild employee tracking solutions offer game-changing features for its users. These features help managers monitor employees and their productivity. Some features of task management solution are:


  • Battery and Network Status: Managers have access to their employees’ network status at all times. This way they know when an executive has not received their task. A dead battery can also be a reason for no status uploading from an employee’s end. This is why battery status and network availability are also important features.


This feature also ensures that employees cannot use battery or network issues as excuses for incomplete tasks.


  • Bulk Uploading: Uploading tasks to the system sounds intimidating, especially if you take into consideration a large number of employees working under each manager. But the field force management system allows you to download excel templates and upload several tasks altogether. This saves managers a lot of hassle.


  • Communication Chat Boxes: Communication is essential in all office work. But its importance increases significantly with deskless workforces. This is why the system provides managers with in-built chat boxes where they can contact employees regarding tasks. They can provide task guidelines for executives to follow through these chat boxes. Field executives can ask doubts or clarify their queries online and receive a reply instantly.


  • Geo-coded Verification: Managers can check if their employees are actually on task locations or not, through their location updates. The live location is important as employees will not be able to simply update task status to completed without visiting the client location.


With this feature, managers can check their employees’ locations when they marked attendance. The system marks them present automatically only if they have reached their task locations. Employees are unable to mark their attendance in case they are not present at the task site. 


Benefits of Task Management Solution


Other than live tracking employees working infield, task management solution benefits businesses in several ways. Some of these benefits are:


Time Efficient

Employees are able to receive their tasks on the software itself. This helps them save time previously wasted in travelling to offices to collect their tasks. Executives can invest this saved time in completing tasks. Managers also save time through bulk task uploading. All they have to do is upload all the tasks on the platform.


More Organised

With task management, employees can have a systematic process of completing tasks. They get clear guidelines for their work. The application allows managers to upload unique tasks for each executive and thus there is no confusion.


Managers also have the option to make changes to tasks that have been previously uploaded. They do not have to re-upload tasks in case of errors.


Insightful Reports

The system generates analytical reports that are available for managers to study and use for optimisation. These reports have employee productivity analysis as well as leave status. It helps managers and the management to make better business decisions, and simplify future task planning and appraisals. 

Managers can also refer to attendance reports to ensure tasks are assigned only to employees that are going to be present for that day. This is because in coordination with attendance management reports, managers know what employees are on the field. Thus, tasks will be available only for those employees.


Increased Productivity

Both managers and employees are able to work more efficiently with the help of this system. With automation the scope of human errors is reduced, forgetfulness of employees can be checked with the help of reminder notifications, and time, the biggest commodity for a business is anyway saved with optimised operations. Task management solution also helps cut down their monetary loss by reducing executives’ travel time. They not only save time but also resources such as paper. All updates are done through the software and there is no need for physical task reports. Saved money is then invested in the business’s functioning. This way they can expand.


Better Transparency

This software eliminates any favouritism amongst teams. Managers cannot manipulate productivity reports of any employee, hence ensuring 100% accuracy and trust. This means employees get rewarded only for the work they perform and the tasks they complete. 


With task management reports, tasks are assigned to executives based on their capabilities. Thus, employees feel motivated to put in more effort when they know where they stand.


How Can Task Management Solution Benefit Employees?

Tasks management solution does not solely benefit businesses. They can also be very useful for employees. Here are some benefits it has:


  • Better visibility: With traditional management methods, it is very difficult to recognise the hardworking employees. This is because managers have to keep track of several executives manually. But with task management solutions, reports will indicate which employees have completed tasks efficiently and they can be incentivised for their work.


  • Flexibility: Managers have the freedom to exchange executives according to their skills. They do not have to stay with employees they had previously worked with. The reports highlight every employee’s skill set that can be studied to decide what team tasks are best suited for them.


  • Simplified Process: Employees do not have to scramble for task completion with limited instructions anymore. They have properly crafted tasks sent directly to their applications. They can also contact managers in case they have some queries regarding any instructions.


Task management solutions can totally change the game for on-field workforces. Managers not only monitor their employees but can also organise and keep up with tasks better. They have exact data needed to complete tasks and can make sure their employees are working hard.


TrackoField is the leading field force management software in the market. With its multidimensional solutions, it can be the perfect match for your business.


Contact us now and get a system crafted for your needs. Select features you require to have an efficient business. Get in touch now.

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