The 5 Most Important Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing

by cristeinealex

Outsourcing medical billing is popular nowadays. With each passing year, the business of having an independent medical practice grows more complicated. New legislation, coding revisions, changing payer restrictions, and performance measurements can all have a substantial impact on reimbursement. Healthcare businesses put their cash flow and revenue at risk when they are hesitant to adjust to these developments without competent management of their revenue cycle. Here are the top five reasons why you should outsource medical billing:

1.) You don’t understand why reimbursement and revenue are declining.

If your clinic is dealing with medical claim processing and revenue cycle management, the writing is on the wall. It’s only a matter of time until you see a decline in reimbursement. You may benefit from the deep specialization that trained coders and practice management specialists can give by working with Medical billing companies. This specialization guarantees that charges and code are streamlined (and compliant). You’ll also have the peace of mind that rejections are being handled by a partner that has the time and knowledge to solve payment problems.

2.) Increase Transparency in Practice Financials

Billing firms give a degree of financial transparency that is difficult to accomplish, even with today’s PM/EHR technologies. In fact, new clients frequently express amazement at the quantity of information we provide on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Best medical billing reporting is tailored to the needs of the practice and supported by our RCM platform. Essentially, you get enterprise-grade reporting and analytics with PM software that is scalable from lone provider firms to the largest, most complicated organizations.

3.) Ensure Charge Records: Billing

Billing is outsourced to guarantee that all visits are documented and that related claims (electronic superbills) are created. Because reimbursement is directly tied to their payment, all visits and charges must be documented and reported. This level of assurance is provided by a combination of automatic fail-safes built into our software and a layer of human monitoring.  The practitioner’s and billing company’s objectives align in terms of optimizing reimbursement.

4.) Increase Patient Concentration

Another advantage of outsourcing your medical billing is that your office personnel may now focus on the clinical components of patient care and the entire experience your practice delivers rather than simply administrative chores such as authorizations or eligibility checks. Staff relocating,  to responsibilities relating to patient happiness and quality of treatment, both of which are becoming increasingly important.

5.) Lowering Operating Expenses and Billing Costs

Collecting your compensation is costly; a well-run billing department needs technology, space, ongoing training, and skilled employees. There was a time when doctors’ offices could get by with medical billers who were just data processors. Because of the rising complexity and ever-changing nature of our healthcare system, that time has passed.
According to industry standards, the average billing expert remains with a company for one to three years. That implies that most medical offices are always incurring fees to acquire and train new workers.

The typical biller earns $27 per hour, so the money spent on acquiring and maintaining the workforce required for revenue cycle management quickly adds up. When deciding to outsource medical billing, the most significant variables listed are obviously labor costs and billing performance.

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