The benefits of bilingual books 

by Sona

Federico Fellini once said, “A different language is a different vision of life”. It is so well said. Whenever we speak with different people from different countries, we discover plenty of new things for us. Our world is interesting because of the differences in languages, points of view, and nations. Just imagine there was one nation and one language, you understand right how dull our lives would be?

In the 21st century, we have the advantage to learn every language that we want. It can be Chinese, Spanish, Polish, or Hungarian, what language we choose is possible.

In school, in college, and in university we have the opportunity to learn a second language, usually, people choose English, as we all know that English is an international language and wherever you go, the majority of people can understand and speak English. 

But there are plenty of interesting languages other than English, so why not take a risk and learn one of them? 

Learning a new language is not hard nowadays, you can buy textbooks, watch videos, also cartoons, and films with subtitles, and also you can hire a tutor who will help you through the process. 

And when you know some things, you can’t help but buy a book in that language and start to read. But you will understand really soon that it is way more difficult than simply studying grammar in the textbook. 

So, here we have the solution. Bilingual books will help you make your dreams come true, you will read in the language you study and you will understand what you read so you will enjoy it. 

Here are some benefits of bilingual books:

Enriching Vocabulary

Reading is very important not only for enjoyment but also for learning. When you read a bilingual book, you learn new words and also you revise your native language’s vocabulary as well. When learning a new language, it is easier to mix the words or just forget the word in your native language, this happens mostly with kids, that’s why bilingual books help you and your kid to remember every word. And it is important that you will never stop your speech looking for this or that word. 

Also, with bilingual books, you learn so many new words that you will never do while learning just grammar from a textbook.

Reading games

If you are learning a language with your kids, or they learning with their siblings it’s a great idea to make it like a game. So, you won’t be tired and both sides will enjoy the process. For example, you can try two-voice read-aloud, it can be so much fun. Your kid can read the part of the new language and you can read the native language part, or vice versa. 

You can also make it like in a theater. You can pretend to be the heroes of the book and it can be better, as you will also develop other skills in your kid, such as theatrical speech. 

Bilingual books are the best gift also. If you know your friends or their children are learning a new language, there isn’t any other great present as great as bilingual books. You can buy kids korean book or polish children’s stories, doesn’t matter what, the point is you will give them another motivation to keep learning and enriching their vocabulary.

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