The number one reason you should buy presents from gold

by Karine2022

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say “gold”? I’m sure you think of jewelry. Your grandmother and your mother have favorite jewelry which is always made from gold and they have a fascinating story for that piece of jewelry and of course, in the end, they say that you are going to inherit it.

Maybe you read some books or watch some movies about the California gold rush. When thousands of people came to California from the USA and all over the world to be rich.

Or if you are a fan of Bollywood films you surely saw a lot of gold out there.

Doesn’t matter what association you have with the gold; you know that gold is expensive and professionals make real masterpieces out of gold. It’s interesting but India is the global leader in gold jewelry consumption. In middle eastern countries, gold is consumed really fast as well.

Every wedding, every engagement, and every other event is accompanied by giving gold.

And it is okay as gold has been considered the most precious metal in the world and giving gold means that he or she is very important to you. So, besides having some good qualities, such as: being a good conductor of heat and electricity, and being soft and malleable, gold has a symbolic value too.

The symbolic value of gold

Gold is associated with wealth and prosperity. In ancient times gold was used as money. People used gold for worshiping gods and idols. That’s why gold also was used in religious ceremonies and in rituals.

Nowadays gold is considered to have symbolic value as well. For example, when people are getting engaged, they use a golden ring as a symbol of their romantic connection. Then we have wedding rings that a couple wears always to show that he or she is married. There are thousands of designs of wedding rings now, but there is also a classic one which is again popular.

For baptism, we use the golden cross or just a gold baptism necklace. Gold means purification and for this ceremony, it is a great match.

Presents from gold

It is always very difficult to find the best present for your loved ones, but when it comes to your family it becomes harder. For example, in a month will be your mother’s birthday and what are you going to give her?

Whatever you think, is not enough, if you give her just a dress, you will regret it later as it is a beautiful gift but it is going to be thrown away in a year. If you give her just a normal accessory its color will fade soon and again it will be thrown away. But if you give her a piece of golden jewelry, she will have it always and will carry it always.

Presents from gold are always a good idea. It never gets spoiled and you will never throw it away.

Your loved ones will feel your love and affection through this beautiful metal.

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