The Top 5 Best PHP Frameworks for Web App Development

PHP Frameworks

by Ophelia Ione

The PHP Framework is a custom-designed framework for web app development. Whether you are building a social network, an e-commerce site, or a simple blog, the PHP Framework has all the functionality you need to build beautiful, powerful, and flexible applications.

An Introduction to the PHP Framework

The PHP Framework is basically a large set of built-in libraries and software development tools that help you to develop your web applications efficiently. It functions more like development kit that facilitates the quicker, simpler development of web apps for variety of projects.

The use of PHP frameworks for web app development has become common practice now as it allows software developers to take care of repetitive tasks while developing any application, accelerating development time, reducing margins of errors, improving security, and enhancing the quality of code overall. That’s the reason the PHP framework is extensively used by programmers and web app developers all across the globe.

Why Use the PHP Framework?

PHP Frameworks have built-in libraries that accelerate development and protect against web application vulnerabilities. They also help to ensure code consistency, remove repetitive tasks, and cover for the lack of talented developers. 

Below are a few of the main reasons why developers opt for PHP frameworks for building web applications.

Accelerated Development Time:

As PHP frameworks have a built-in set of libraries and development tools; it substantially reduces the overall development time. The best part is that you don’t have to recreate the code as the entire library functions and categories follow the standard web development procedures and are well-tested.

Enhanced Security:

One of the main challenges web app developers face today is protecting against web app vulnerabilities. Websites have become a favorite target of hacker attacks due to their easy access to a large audience. They will try to hack into the application using commonly performed attacks and data manipulation. Using a PHP framework with built-in data sanitization protects against common vulnerabilities.


Easy Maintainability:

Web App Development needs a PHP web application developer to build an exceptional coding framework for your ideas and make development easier and better. Frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Zend allow development teams to refactor easily, resulting in less code maintenance.

Although there are many frameworks available for PHP, we will only discuss few of the best ones here.

  • Laravel:

Being an absolute favorite framework of PHP developers, Laravel is a powerful tool with a keen focus set on its simplified structure and speed, allowing you to build complex applications that work well on large websites. Laravel is competent enough to handle complex websites and applications as it runs on model view controller architecture.

Laravel has been a go-to choice for web app development since its release in 2011. It’s an open-source PHP framework that offers numerous features like elegant syntax, strong community support, boilerplate code generation, authorization, and authentication. Big companies like CIS, Innovify, and IndiaNIC use Laravel for their operations.

  1. Cake PHP:

CakePHP is a great option for building feature-rich and visually stunning applications. Moreover, it offers increased security with features like cross-site forgery protection, SQL injection prevention, CSRF, and XSS protection compared to other PHP frameworks. 

CakePHP is ideal for building efficient, visually stunning, and feature-rich applications. CakePHP is an open-source web framework that is used by companies like Jabico, Cotter Web Enterprises, etc. It has many features, including inbuilt ORM, input validation, fast builds, and proper class inheritance.


  1. Codeigniter:

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks for dynamic web app development. It’s designed to be easy to use and configure, so you can get up and running quickly with your project. Most importantly, this PHP framework offers several modules for constructing reusable components.

Due to its high-end set of features, including context-sensitive escaping, multiple caching methods, and easy error handling, Codeigniter is the topmost choice of web app developers. Codeigniter, Dompet Duafa, and Woodbox are some of the many companies that use Codeigniter.


  • Symfony:

Symfony is one of the oldest and most popular frameworks out there. It offers seamless integration with other vendor libraries while being simple to install and configure. Consequently, it is very flexible.

Symfony’s key features include a debugging toolbar, database engine independence, reusable PHP components, and strong community support. Spotify, Trivago, and Dailymotion are some of the big names in the market that use Symfony.

  • Yii PHP:

Yii is a framework that’s easy to set up and use. It comes with many features, including encryption, password hashing, authentication, and authorization. The framework is also highly extensible and supports different configuration sets.

Apart from being one of the easiest PHP frameworks to work on, it is also one of the most secure ones, with amazing features like encryption, password hashing, validation, and authorization. Moreover, it also offers code generator tools, elegant caching support, swift development time, and various configuration sets. Famous companies like YMCA, Crowdcube, Pastebin, and Purple use Yii.


Which PHP Framework Is Right for You?

These PHP frameworks significantly improve the overall development process in a streamlined way. However, all of these frameworks have distinct sets of unique features. Therefore, before selecting the most suitable PHP framework for your web app development project, make sure that you probe into its requirements.

If you need a detailed analysis of the business requirements of your project and want to choose a complete tech stack, you can contact us today. Our seasoned team of software architects and web app developers will evaluate your business needs in detail and provide you with the most optimal solutions.


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