Things to do in Foley, AL

by Theresa Hus

A city built on history and nature, carrying the name of its founder John B. Foley. He came here and constructed a railway line from his own pocket which is now known as the Foley train station which is currently being used as a museum. The city of Foley, AL provides its residents and visitors with countless things to do.

Located a stone’s throw away from the breath-taking Gulf of Mexico and embraced by two shorelines to the south and the west, you will never be left wondering what to do in Foley, Alabama. It’s natural white sandy beaches and emerald-colored waters, the natural islands, and perfect wildlife preserved motivate the nature lovers to move to “sweet home Alabama”.

Come to think of it, there are many options that Foley, AL can offer you and you don’t even have to go far looking for it.

Alligator Alley

I think we can all agree that alligators need their own natural habitat and protected area. A place where they can live in harmony, where they have guaranteed protection and, in my opinion, it is very important that they have a place where they are not a threat to humans. The owner, Wes Moore, can provide visitors with a once in a lifetime gator adventure by viewing over 450 rescued alligators of all shapes and sizes.

Safety is highly important as visitors must remain at a safe distance, because they are on a strict non-human diet.

Foley Railroad Museum

History is part of each and every one of us, and since railroads built this country, it also built Foley and if you want to be able to appreciate what this city became because of railroads, make sure to stop by Foley Railroad Museum. Out of all the things to do in Foley, Alabama, this is one that shows the true glory of the steam engine and is a true monument to the city’s founder.

Alan Goldman donated an “O” gauge model railroad who asked the city to make it a free exposition for children.

As you can see there are amazing and interesting things to do for free in Foley, AL.

The OWA Park

Surrounding a 14-acre lake, located 10 minutes away from downtown Foley, the Park at OWA is a complex that includes retail, entertainment, and dining. The most exciting part and adrenaline-inducing part of this complex is the amusement park. Being one of the largest in the country, it includes 21 rides, the famous Rollin’ Thunder Roller Coaster is a great addition, as well as the electrifying Alabama Wham’a.

For those faint of heart travelers, there is always the option of therapy through retail. There are unique shops, restaurants and other options to get some entertainment here as well. If you’re into arcade games, legend shows and plenty of family fun activities.

Dinosaurs in the Woods and Bamahenge

Art has a special place in Foley, AL and its surrounding areas. Artist Mark Cline from Virginia went in the woods and provided something to behold for regular hikers and nature lovers. How would you feel if you come across a Brontosaurus on your weekly run? Eh … it’s a herbivore so the scare won’t turn into a life-threatening frenzy. How about a Tyrannosaurus? … … … Might just run the other way, right? The “Stonehenge”, however, makes you wonder. Why would Stonehenge be in America?!

It isn’t. These are all fiberglass creations by Mark Cline and they all offer quite a thrill. No, Jurassic Park isn’t real, at least not yet, but close by Hammock Bay, you’ll have a chance to see a life-size replica of the Stonehenge, called the Bamahenge and two quite extraordinary dinosaurs.


Foley, AL is the land of the beaches. Surrounded not only by the Gulf of Mexico but bays all around, the city of Foley, AL has no shortage of places to sunbathe. Here you have miles of white, splendidly soft, almost powdery sands and out-of-this-world sunsets.

Orange Beach

So named not for the amazing sunset, but because orange groves were once common on the coast of Alabama. It was, however, named one of the top 50 beaches in the world. The stunning sunsets might have a role in that. It also provides a glorious view of the Gulf of Mexico with its stylish hotels and specific wildlife. Ever wanted to do some dolphin and whale watching? ‘cause you can do that here.

Gulf Shores

A resort community with the same white sandy beaches and perfect sunsets. These two beaches are quite close, but … here you can golf. Another interesting activity when you think of beach themed hustle is hiking. There’s also The Track here, a casual recreation family-oriented center with bumper boats. It’s like those silly electrical wired cars that bump together, but in the water and with no electricity.

For those thinking that Foley, AL is a simple and dull place to live, think again because the chance of seeing even a replica of a life-size dinosaur makes me think to pack my bags. Just imagine what your children will say to that, or to the amusement park for that matter. However, make sure you keep your family safe near the alligators and enjoy history in a fun and exciting way. Just thinking of all the amazing free things to do in Foley, AL and the simple life that you can have here makes it easier to understand the population growth since the turn of the century.

A simple and stressless life can also have excitement, but only the good kind and this is what Foley, AL can offer you.

If we managed to convince you with all the excitement available for you in and around Foley, AL then our work here is done. Go ahead and get in touch with realtors in Foley, AL and make sure you make the best decision for your future and your family. Comment below if you’re looking for more information or have any interesting dinosaur facts. Like and share as well so your friends’ can get as excited as you did.

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