Tips To Dress According To Your Goth Type

by jordashclothing

Everything that is bold, dramatic, expressive, ghastly and dark, comes under gothic style and fashion. It is something that is fashionable, yet spooky at the same time. If it is not giving an eerie vibe, it is not gothic at all. In gothic fashion, the clothes are dark and bold, not only that, other accessories related to this style are dark, bold and dramatic. The atmosphere is spooky and melancholic. The origin of the history of gothic fashion dates back to the middle age, between 13th century to 16th century. Punk rock bands of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s got inspired from the gothic architecture, gothic art and literature of the Middle age, which further inspired the gothic fashion. So today, the gothic fashion that includes outfits, such as, gothic blouse or gothic dress and all other gothic accessories are inspired from the punk rock bands.

In this article we shall be looking at how to dress and style according to our goth type. These days gothic clothes and gothic accessories are available online as well. Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK, where you will get different types of gothic dresses, such as, gothic skirt, gothic blouse, gothic cape, gothic jacket for women (gothic jacket women’s) and different types of gothic accessories.

Gothic Blouse

Let us now have a look at some of  the goth types according to which you should dress.

Cyber Goth

It is a very distinctive subculture. Here you will find everything either in black or in neon colours or in the combination of both. The theme is always based on technology, however, do not confuse it with steampunk that is inspired from Victorian sci-fi. People following this particular subculture love everything to be dark, including the music; but the music has to be techno based and it is better if it is dance music. In other words, cybergoth is all about dark clothes, dark music, steampunk fashion that is futuristic; combined with bright neon colour and electronic music. So if cyber goth is your type, do remember that you do not need to follow any specific rule. You just need to remember a few things. When it comes to makeup, you need to have a pale skin, make sure that it is not too pale, wear a lipstick, either in the shade blue or black or pink; also do not forget to add an eyeshadow in the colour that is bright neon and a neon coloured wig. The outfit, whether it is a gothic blouse or a gothic skirt should be dark, particularly black and bold. When you are following cyber goth, the getup should be gothic and futuristic.

Gothic Blouse

Geek Goth

Following the gothic subculture does not mean that you are not a geek. You may be fond of books belonging to the genre of gothic literature, watch sci-fi films, star war films and anime, may be fond of collecting symbols of different occults. So what is basically a geek goth? People following or fond of geek goth, love dark aesthetics. They love sci-fi films, vampire films, gothic literature, computer games, TV shows and so on. Geek goth is slightly different from other types of goth. In this, they pay less attention to fashion. If you are a geek, fond of gothic literature and aesthetics and at the same time science and technology and love simple yet dark fashion style, you should go for geek goth. People in geek goth love to wear black t-shirts with graphic designs, black jeans and black boots. On t-shirts, you will find either the logo of a band, a geeky slogan, an anime reference or a sci-fi reference. Sometimes they prefer to have their hair in unnatural colours, they love to have a little bit of eyeliner and studded belts. Always remember that they prefer their interests the most rather than how they look.

Corp Goth

It is another type of goth fashion. It is more or less related to the corporate world. Once you are out of college, you enter the real world, that is the corporate world. And here you cannot fully express yourself in a bold and dramatic way. Therefore, corp goth fashion comes to your rescue. If you are a fan of gothic fashion, and work in a corporate world, you can opt for corp goth style. You just need to follow a simple rule.

Gothic Jacket Women’s

You need to wear everything from top to bottom in black. Black blazer, black gothic jacket (gothic jacket women’s), black tights, black gothic skirt, particularly pinstripe pencil skirt, and all other fashionable and stylish black formal outfits in the fabric silk, lace and velvet are preferred in corp goth. The jewellery and makeup are simple and minimal.

Summing Up

These are some of the goth styles that you can follow according to your personality. Choose your clothes, such as, gothic blouse, gothic cape and so on accordingly. Apart from these, you can also opt for steampunk goth style, Victorian goth style, and hippie goth style, if your personality suits any of these styles.

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