Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

Pregnant Fast

by GoMedii

Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

Tips to Get Pregnant Fast: These few early pregnancy tips are very beneficial for those women and men who are willing to have children, they must know about How to Get Pregnant because complete information is necessary for pregnancy. For pregnancy, first of all, you have to know about your body and understand the whole process of pregnancy, only then you will be successful in it. Actually in our society people do not talk much about things like pregnancy. Even in the same family people do not discuss such problems among themselves and people try to get pregnant with half incomplete knowledge.

Many people also get success in this and some people are not able to succeed and many people hesitate to ask the doctor about this. How to get pregnant easily? What is the right time for pregnancy? People have to struggle a lot to get answers to such questions.

Pregnant Fast

Today we will tell you in detail about this topic and how you can easily get pregnant. And you must also consult a doctor on this subject because sometimes the problems are different and we cannot identify the right problem, so let us tell you some great tips about pregnancy

Find out Ovulate Period:The most important thing to getting pregnant is knowing the ovulation time. Ovulation time is the time when eggs are released from the ovaries of women. The ovulation period comes only once in a menstrual cycle and at the same time, you have to make physical relations with your partner.

To know your ovulation time, it is very important for you to confirm the time of your period. When it is time for your next period to come, it is just 12 to 16 days before the ovulation period.

But this method is only for those ladies whose menstruation cycle is 30 days. If your menstrual period is irregular, then please consult a good doctor.

For example, if your next period is on 30 September, then the time is 12 to 14 days before it is your ovulation time.

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Right time of physical relation

Now you must have come to know that when the eggs are released from your ovary, now you can make a physical relationship with your partner at this time and tell you that the first 3 days of ovulation time are the most fertile days i.e. these 3 initial days are most likely to conceive.

The eggs released from the ovary of women live only for 24 hours and the sperm of the man remains alive inside the female for 7 days, so doctors recommend that you leave one day and make physical relation the next day i.e. 72 hours. It is necessary to have physical relations once in a while.

If you want to be physical daily then it is up to you but doing physical relation daily reduces the sperm count which can problems in your fertility, so make physical relations only after one day.

do’s and don’ts

It is very important for your body to be fit and healthy for pregnancy, otherwise it can have negative effects on your unborn child. If you do any drugs, drugs or smoking, then please stay away from it. Drinking too much coffee can also be harmful.

Do some exercise, do morning walk and if possible try to do meditation.
Smoking for men greatly reduces the sperm count, so stay away from smoking
and don’t smoke tobacco
Control your weight, being overweight is also a problem in pregnancy
Do not take bath with hot water as hot water damages your sperm.

Right Age for Pregnancy:

If you are trying for more than 1 year but you are not able to get success then please consult your doctor as it can also be a fertility problem.

Pregnancy Ke Lakshan Pregnancy Symptoms

are you pregnant Many women do not know the symptoms of pregnancy and they come to know about their pregnancy after 6 to 8 weeks?

If you get to know about your pregnancy in the first week itself, then you can take better care of yourself and doing so will be very positive for the health of you and your baby. Let us know what are the early signs of pregnancy-

Not liking food

If you are pregnant, then you start smelling strange from tea and coffee. Even some women feel bad about eating their favorite food. If this is happening to you then please do a checkup with your doctor as it is a symptom of early pregnancy.

Change in mood

During pregnancy, there are hormonal changes in the body, due to which some women start feeling very emotional in pregnancy, these emotions can be positive and negative, sometimes feeling hopeless and depression start and there is tiredness in the body. Is. you consult a doctor

Swelling in abdomen

Sometimes there is swelling in the stomach, some pain is also felt. Some women feel pain like it just before their period.

frequent urination

Due to hormonal changes in the body, your blood flow increases, and due to high blood flow in the kidney, the bladder starts filling up quickly. That’s why you have to go to the toilet frequently during pregnancy.


Have you suddenly started feeling very tired? These are the early signs of pregnancy. There is always a weakness in the body and it keeps coming like sleep. If you feel like a fever in the morning then you must go to the doctor for a pregnancy test.

Breast pain

Some women start having pain in the breast during pregnancy. Sometimes swelling also occurs in the breast, it is all due to hormonal changes in your body.


Some women complain of nausea during pregnancy. There is a feeling of weakness in the body and there is a feeling of nausea. Sometimes there is vomiting and sometimes there is just nausea and no vomiting.

Not coming on period time

If you remember the time of your period cycle and your period has not come on time, then it can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Dear friends, if you are feeling all these symptoms in your body then first of all you should do a pregnancy checkup with a doctor and if you are really pregnant then best of luck, take care of yourself and your baby’s health.

Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy

It is very important to take care of the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy. There are many changes in the body of women during pregnancy and many times pregnancy becomes quite complicated due to a lack of correct information.

To avoid such problems, we are sharing with you some things that show what a pregnant woman should do and what not –

1. Keep getting regular checkups done by the doctor

You keep getting a time-to-time checkup from your nearest specialist doctor. If there is any problem then it is detected soon and it is also easily corrected, so regular checkup is very important.

2. Consume Prenatal Vitamins

Your body needs a lot of Prenatal Vitamins for the proper nutrition of the mother and baby. Take these vitamins only after getting them checked by a doctor. By taking vitamins, the health of both mother and child will be good.

3. Eat Protein

A pregnant woman needs 75 grams of protein daily, but sometimes 100 grams of protein per day is also needed. Eating protein develops the child’s mind.

4. Do Yoga and Exercise

First of all, make a schedule of your food and drink and follow it properly. Irregular eating can also harm you. After this, you also do light exercise and do yoga. To do yoga, you can watch YouTube videos or take advice from an expert.

5. Consume Fat

Normally we avoid eating more fat because it increases body fat but in pregnancy, you should eat the proper amount of fat, fat makes your body stretchable.

6. Do Kegal Exercise

Kegel is a muscle and if it is not muscle strong then the woman feels a lot of pain during delivery. There are many Kegel exercise videos on YouTube, you can do Kegel exercises by watching them.

7. Plant house plants

In today’s environment knowingly or unknowingly we are surrounded by a lot of radiation and chemicals. All these chemicals harm our bodies. You plant some house plants in your house, they bring a lot of positivity in the mind and the effects of chemicals are also less.

8. Be Positive and Think Good

It is said that the child learns a lot in the mother’s womb. Stay positive during pregnancy, read good books, watch good movies because your thoughts directly affect your baby.

9. Avoid long journey

A little walking is good but traveling a lot during pregnancy is not good. Try to travel at least and if you are traveling in the bus, then travel by sitting on the seat.

What not to do

1. Do not smoke 
Do not smoke during pregnancy. Smoking can cause problems in the health of the child. Loss of child weight or premature delivery, all are all problems of smoking. Pregnant women should also stay away from people who smoke because their smoke can also harm them.

2. Do not consume alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause many disadvantages in your unborn child. Disability in children is an example of this. If you have to take full care of your child’s health, then do not drink.

3. Do not take too much coffee

If you are fond of drinking more tea and coffee, then you have to leave this habit in pregnancy because drinking too much tea and coffee puts the baby at risk of developing diabetes.

4. Do not get an X-Ray

The rays emitted during X-Ray go through the body, these rays are very harmful for the human body which can also damage your body cells. Do not get X-ray done during pregnancy.

5. Do not eat junk food

Avoid eating junk food during pregnancy, all these food do not give energy but make weight big. Women already gain weight in pregnancy, so eating junk food can spoil your body size, so stay away from junk food.

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