Top 7 Best Marine Electronics Brands of 2022

Marine Electronics Brands

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If you want to buy a new marine electronics device, you have many options. This article will give you a quick overview of some of the top brands in the industry. The list includes Garmin, Humminbird, Raymarine, and Hella Marine. Below, we’ll discuss some of the features that each of these brands offers. These electronics are available in many price ranges and can be a great investment for any boater.


One of the biggest advantages of the new SOLIX G3 series is the screen. This product’s high-resolution display is ideal for kayak anglers, as it is highly visible from a kayak. It also has dual spectrum CHIRP sonar and is compatible with optional Airmar CHIRP transducers. Unlike some other sonars, the MEGA sonar can detect fish as far away as 200 feet away, which can be essential for identifying specific species. In addition to this, the unit also has GPS capabilities.

The APEX series is another great choice. This line of fish finders boasts powerful dual-spectrum CHIRP sonar, built-in GPS, Ethernet networking, and a 10-inch to fifteen-inch touchscreen display. The APEX series also offers a wide range of other options, including an integrated GPS. And, if you’re not into fish finding, you can visit the FishUSA Coupon Codes.


If you’re in the market for a new nav system, it’s time to start shopping for a new unit. Garmin’s flagship GPSMAP 79 series delivers a graphical, full-color nav station, and it comes loaded with upgradable global base maps. The 79sc comes standard with premium BlueChart g3 cartography. Other notable features include optically bonded displays, a built-in three-axis compass, and the ability to receive position information from the GNSS satellite constellation.

ICAST 2022, held in Orlando, Florida, showcased the latest in marine electronics. The show featured new technologies for saltwater and freshwater fishing, as well as advanced mapping and sonar technology. Garmin’s latest lineup is packed with highly sophisticated machines and functions that few people could have imagined just a few years ago. These sophisticated marine electronics systems make it easier to spot fish and provide boaters with the vital information they need to know. Its new six-camera system is a great example of how Garmin is advancing its product offerings.


With the launch of the Element(TM) CHIRP sonar/GPS series, Raymarine is introducing a new range of navigation systems with the most sophisticated visual capabilities. Designed for anglers who like to be ahead of the game, the Element offers the sharpest underwater view, thanks to its HyperVision(TM) 1.2-megahertz sonar. The Quantum 2 sonar is also coming with the same benefits as the Quantum radar. If you’re looking for a high-quality marine electronics brand at a reasonable price then check out the Electronics Discount Code.

Raymarine is a well-known brand, producing some of the most advanced marine electronics on the market. They are also known for their ease of use, durability, and reliability. Some of their latest products have augmented reality support and RealVision 3D sonar. This combination makes them one of the best marine electronics brands of 2022, according to experts. In fact, Raymarine has been in business for more than 90 years.

Hella Marine

If you’re looking for a high-quality marine lighting solution, consider the round LED courtesy lamps by Hella Marine. Designed specifically for the marine environment, the Apelo lamps feature a water-resistant design that eliminates water infiltration. They are also tested for shock, vibration, and impact situations. Furthermore, these lights use up to 10 percent less energy than incandescent courtesy light. A further plus is that they are durable enough to be operated outside of the water.

With the advent of COVID-19, manufacturers of marine electronics have been scrambling to meet the demand. The shortage of microprocessors, LED screens, and other key electronics components have slowed the pace of introductions. However, some of the brightest developments in marine electronics include radar and camera systems. These new products will be more affordable than the ones available today. They can help boaters find fish much more easily, and they can use them for safety reasons. If you’re looking for affordable, marine, look no further than the Electronics Voucher Code.

JL Audio

If you are looking for a brand that produces quality audio systems, look no further than JL Audio. They have expanded into the marine audio market, with their new MediaMaster(r) MM100s source unit. Built with marine-grade weatherproof and IPX-66 rating, this source unit comes with advanced audio features including bass, midrange, treble, and balance controls.


Starting in the 1980s, JL Audio released PowerWedges speaker systems. These were encased speaker systems and featured an 8-inch woofer. The company also introduced the W6v2 and W3v2 subwoofers, which feature Elevated Frame Cooling. Both of these new products have a full audio control panel and are compatible with popular brands such as Garmin and Simrad.

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