Traveler Beware – Use This Handy Motion Sickness Medication Guide

Traveler Beware - Use This Handy Motion Sickness Medication Guide

by Sayed Quraishi

Traveler Beware – Use This Handy Motion Sickness Medication Guide

Motion sickness is something which happens when your inner ear detects movement, but your eyes do not ‘ a common occurrence when you are in a moving vehicle. The brain gets confused by the conflicting signals, and assumes that you have been poisoned, so it initiates a self defense mechanism, which makes you feel ill.

If you have ever experienced motion sickness, then you know it is a most unwelcome experience. Most suffers would prefer to prevent it altogether or to use medicine that would alleviate the discomfort immediately. But as with all medications, it is best to proceed with caution when considering which motion sickness medication may be best for you or your loved ones. You will discover, that there is a wide variety of motion sickness medicine available.

The Kinds of Motion Sickness Medicine Available

There are lots of different motion sickness medications on the market at the moment. The most common ones are based on either Bonine or Dramamine. These are available over the counter, but must be taken a couple of hours before you travel, as they are less effective if you are already experiencing motion sickness feelings when you take them.

Please be advised that motion sickness medicines cause side effects such as drowsiness, fatigue, headache and sometimes it can induce sleep. So take all necessary precautions when you take motion sickness medicine. For instance, you should not drive or handle any heavy machinery after taking the pills.

Another common form of motion sickness medication comes in patch form. You usually place the patch behind your ear, and can then forget about it for the rest of the journey. It should be applied about four hours before you travel, and will be effective for up to three days, as long as the patch is not removed.

Just like the medicines, the patch has side effects too. The side effects from using the patch include drowsiness, vomiting and in very rare cases dilating of the pupils and memory loss. Therefore you should proceed with caution and if have side effects that are not usual be sure to contact your doctor and discontinue use immediately.

Some Useful Tips

If you are buying over the counter motion sickness remedies remember to read the label first. Some of the medications are not recommended for people who are pregnant, on other medications, or have existing health problems such as heart diseases. It is nice to be able to enjoy your holiday, but you should not take medications that could be dangerous to you. If you are in any doubt at all, speak to a doctor or pharmacist before you buy.


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