Types of Champagne Glasses

Types of Champagne Glasses

by ellawillis913

There are many manufacturers who are in the business of designing champagne bottle Price in different styles. These are available in cost-efficient prices however, you need to pay a little attention you are purchasing the right glasses for your purpose.

Champagne is a fancy drink that deserves a fancy glass if you are to get the very best of it. However, with all the types of champagne glasses out there, just how are you supposed to choose? It can get very confusing but before you start panicking and grabbing for whatever glasses you can find, sit back and relax because here, you will get a no-frills guide to glasses for champagne.

Three Types of Glasses

Flute- The flute glass, also called the trumpet flute, has a rim that was designed to have a flare. It is a rather tall champagne glass that has a narrow circumference and comes with stem long or medium stem. The flute champagne glasses have the most elegant lines and are perfect for showing off all those delightful champagne bubbles. Stick your finger into the bottom of the flute bowl and you will likely feel a rough spot; this isn’t a flaw but rather serves as a point where the bubbles can gather then journey to the top of the flute. Flutes have a straight mouth and the trumpet flutes have flared rims and are most often used for serving sparkling wines of a younger vintage as their design doesn’t really do much to preserve delightful aroma of good champagne.

Tulip- The tulip glass, although sometimes called as a champagne flute but never a trumpet flute, is a lot like the regular flute but the main difference is that the rim tends to curve inwards. These tulip champagne glasses have a bowl that is wider than its mouth and looks rather like regular white wine glasses. Tulip glasses are most often used by champagne experts as they like how the curved-in mouth traps the aromas of the champagne. In fact, when a tulip glass is not available, connoisseurs will choose to serve expensive champagnes in white wine glasses and skip the flutes and the coupes altogether.

Champagne Saucer- The champagne saucer, also called the champagne coupe glass, has a very distinct design that has helped it earn that name. It is shallow and is wide rimmed and comes with a rather short stem. These were the champagne glasses most used by the champagne connoisseurs for the first of the previous century. These days though, you may not find this glass being used quite so often as the experts find the design allows all the delicious aromas escape and the champagne tends to go flat rather quickly. But these champagne saucers work quit well for weddings and more casual parties.

Some Tips for Choosing Glasses

People who want to get serious with champagne will do well to invest in some high quality tulip glasses as they will really help you appreciate your champagne. However, for more casual affairs, you will be play with getting less expensive flutes or champagne saucers. As a matter of fact, you will find these champagne saucers perfect for parties where things are casual but are still somewhat glitzy. You may even get them for your wedding champagne fountain as they work quite well for this purpose.


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