Understand the Use of Bootstrap Components

by Vishank

Basic Introduction

If you are designing a new website you should largely consider the project’s front-end part. Still, even if the site is not being created and is not new, but trying to improve its form, structure, or appearance, the backend side should also be looked at. The website administration part is supposed to be user-friendly and eye-appealing, which is the reason why there is a lot of bootstrap dashboard tutorial online. An Admin Dashboard Template is simply a set of elements designed for the admin panel interface.

Currently, the majority of admin HTML dashboard designs are developed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework which is a convenient and easily modifiable mobile-first framework. Additionally, it has many widgets and other components which are packed along with it plus it also renders perfectly on various screen sizes and resolutions thus the bootstrap admin template open source will always appear clean and consistent.

Designing a professional-looking bootstrap dashboard for a website should not necessarily cost a lot of money if you use ready-made Bootstrap Templates. There is a collection of bootstrap admin templates that are best suited for assisting you during the project in determining the most suitable user interface. A pre-built dashboard template is at least included in these tools so as to customize and utilized as the foundation of the project. In the template packs, there are a lot of components, cards, and elements that you can select from when creating the custom dashboard. Some features that can be added to the admin page include graphics, charts, tables, buttons, and even alerts. Templates that may make the dashboard more appealing are the likes of animation effects and some UI elements. They function on small and large screen displays since they are mobile responsive. You can personally try out some of these templates due to the online demos to determine if they meet the requirements that your device allows. Many of these admin panel HTML templates are free to download, however, also have paid products with special features.

Uses of Bootstrap Admin Templates

Some of the best templates that can help you in commencing the design of your website and how they are used include the following:

  1. Material Dashboard

Google’s approach inspired this admin template for user interface design. Choosing a material dashboard for your project allows you to access a lot of tools that help you to provide your dashboard with a custom look and also lets your admin area to experiencing practices from Google in user interface design. Throughout the custom dashboard, icons can be used according to your needs.

  1. CoreUI

This will help you to create stylish and functional user interfaces. The best thing about CoreIU is that no matter what type of project you are working on, the probability that they could be a perfect match is very high. Amazing, right? It also has a modern appearance and design. Additionally, it works with a wide variety of libraries such as React, Angular, and Laravel. By opting to use CoreUI you will have the ability to include a lot of widgets and panels in the dashboard. Examples of these options include; figures, user data, custom date ranges, social media statistics e.t.c that are filtered through a traffic chart. It has four premium admin templates.

  1. Light Bootstrap Dashboard

This was designed to assist in launching one’s own custom admin panel. It is flexible in nature and helps one to easily set the backgrounds so that the panel can display images. You can also choose a custom color scheme as an alternative to match the brand of your website. It also has other ways to ensure that the control panel has a premium appearance such as varied typography settings, a library of 202 icons, and subtle menu animations. It is also possible to utilize multiple notification styles with a light bootstrap dashboard to add an interactive feel to your admin panel.

  1. Lumino

It provides one with mobile responsive templates that are waiting to be customized into your project. It appeals to anyone who is interested in creating a project with an uncluttered dashboard especially due to its clean and modern design. To a person familiar with the bootstrap framework, customizing with lumino designs is a piece of cake. Adjusting the general appearance, fonts, and colors of the admin dashboard is also not complicated with lumino.  After deciding on the dashboard’s style and color scheme, what follows is adding widgets to the admin area. It also provides many choices for working with notification items and menus on the dashboard.

  1. Codebase

Designed to create a custom dashboard, that a project may demand, and is a flexible framework. It has features that one may require in order to produce professional pages and also the control panels of the product. It is easy to pick up quickly and select the elements to include in the pages due to its modular design. Ensuring the UI and its elements are in the right place and correctly aligned is also easy with the codebase which adds up to its advantages. Countless ready-made simple admin templates free download which can be inserted into the templates are also available with this type of template.


The five types of templates that I considered in this article are the best to use since they are user-friendly and very appealing.

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