Useful Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips For Businesses

by TrueXR

Everyone is talking about virtual reality and its impact on marketing. Businesses are rushing to get their brands in front of a potential consumer before they’re lost in the sea of apps and websites. Virtual reality allows users to explore an environment as if they were really there, instead of just viewing it from a computer screen. With virtual reality Malaysia, businesses can now bring their products and services to life for potential customers. In this blog post, we’ll be revealing useful tips for creating 360° virtual tours that will increase your conversion rate and make visitors want to explore your business again and again.

Create a VR-friendly website

The first step to creating a virtual tour is to create a VR-friendly website. A VR-friendly website makes it easy for users to view your virtual tour. For example, you should make your website compatible with Google Cardboard. You can also consider creating a VR landing page so that people can easily start their virtual tour from your website. Another important thing to consider when making your website VR-friendly is the design. A website with confusing visuals and a confusing layout won’t work well in VR. Instead, you should keep your VR design simple and clear – users will appreciate it a lot.

Show the user what they’ll see in VR first

As users explore a virtual tour, they’ll see an immersive environment with a 360° view. You can use this opportunity to show the user what they’ll see in VR. This is especially helpful if your business sells products that could work better in 3D, like furniture and appliances. Showing your product in VR will allow potential customers to experience it before ordering. This is a great way to boost conversions and build brand trust.

Provide an immersive audio experience

If your website is VR-friendly, you can include 360° video ads. However, if someone visits your website and launches the VR video, they’ll also expect to have an immersive audio experience. You can bring this experience to your website using a tool like Soundbox. Soundbox is a browser plugin that lets you play 360° videos and audio on your site. It has a number of unique features, such as automatic volume adjustment for different sound systems. Soundbox also lets you create interactive audio experiences, such as creating an audio tour that plays when a specific object is clicked.

Use 3D printing to bring objects to life

VR is all about bringing users into a brand’s world. One way to do this is to 3D print objects. According to Business Insider, 53% of people who try on 3D-printed clothing buy it. You can use 3D printing to bring virtual objects to life and make your virtual tour truly immersive. You can use a tool like Sketchfab to find and upload 3D models. You can also use 3D printing to bring products such as clay models and other objects to life. You can make your virtual tour truly immersive by using 3D printing to bring these objects to life. You can place clay models next to a desk or table, for example. This will make your virtual tour truly immersive and give your visitors a better idea of how your space will look in real life.

Don’t be afraid to use dubbing and text-to-speech

VR is all about immersing your visitors. So, it’s natural to make your content more immersive by using dubbing or text-to-speech. However, you should be careful not to go too far. If your content sounds unnatural or if it’s too different from the original, you may alienate your visitors. Instead of using dubbing or text-to-speech, you can use them as helpful tools. For example, you can use dubbing to make text on your website sound more natural when exploring with a headset. Alternatively, you can use text-to-speech for things like directions or menu items. This is a great way to keep your content accessible and unambiguous.

Inspire your visitors with 360° videos

Virtual reality is all about immersion. To gain this, people use videos as a great way to immerse visitors. If you have any 360° videos on your website, you should use them to inspire potential customers to explore your brand more deeply. You can do this by uploading your own videos or by finding other people’s content. You can also use 360° videos to create a more immersive experience. For example, you can create a tour that walks a user through your products or services. This will make users feel as if they’re really exploring.


VR is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of content. With the emergence of affordable headsets, it’s now easy for businesses to create a Virtual Reality experience for their visitors. However, creating a VR experience isn’t easy. To boost visitors’ experience and help them explore your brand more deeply, you need to know the best techniques for creating VR content. With these tips, you can create a 360° virtual tour that will convert more visitors into customers.

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