Valant EHR Software For Mental Health Providers

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When choosing EHR Software, you should focus on several important factors, such as the price, cloud-based capability, HIPAA compliance, and features. With Valant EHR Software, you’ll get all these things and more. Read on to learn more. You’ll be glad you did! And remember to ask your doctor for recommendations, too! After all, he or she knows the business better than anyone. And if a physician can use Valant EHR Software to improve patient care, the cost of this software is well worth the value.


Although Valant EHR Software does not publish pricing details publicly, it is a bit more expensive than many other EHR solutions on the market. As of this writing, its price range is between $200 and $250 per user, per month. The company provides annual contracts and serves thousands of practices nationwide. The system is cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant. Founded in 1996 by David Lischner, M.D., the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Pricing for Valant EHR Software is based on several factors. Depending on how much data needs to be imported, and how complex your data is, you’ll likely need to invest in some additional services. If your data is stored in Excel spreadsheets, for instance, the process can be time-consuming. You’ll also probably need to engage a business services provider to help you migrate the data. Once you’ve migrated, it’s essential to review the contract carefully before signing on.


Valant EHR is a comprehensive, cloud-based electronic health record that helps mental health providers streamline paperwork, improve efficiency, and boost productivity. It features secure patient records, integrated billing, and telehealth, as well as an extensive library of outcome measures. As a provider of care for adults with mental illnesses, you should give it a try if you’re in the market for an EHR. It’s available to a variety of providers, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and even physical therapists.

Pricing: Pricing varies widely, and you may be able to find a lower price elsewhere. Valant’s Cloud-based EMR is comparable to some of its competitors but has more features and higher costs. Pricing varies between $200 and $250 per user and is based on annual contracts. It is also HIPAA-compliant. Valant was founded by David Lischner, M.D., and is currently used by thousands of practices nationwide.


HIPAA-compliant Valant EMR Software gives physicians the tools they need to manage and track patient data. Its built-in outcomes measures and automatic scoring allow users to apply measurement-based care and negotiate higher reimbursement rates. The system also facilitates charge entry and claims submission. In addition to its EHR features, Valant has a portal for patients to complete intake and progress notes. Its billing and invoicing capabilities allow users to generate custom ANSI claims and submit them electronically.

HIPAA-compliant Valant EMR Software is available to both individuals and organizations. While the software itself is HIPAA-compliant, its features can’t guarantee compliance with all federal regulations. Organizations must still maintain a human element for some regulatory requirements. For example, Article 31 requires the presence of a person certified by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. A New York-certified EHR solution is nearly as rare as a HIPAA-compliant EHR.


A behavioral health provider may want to invest in Valant EHR software. Its features simplify administrative tasks and empower providers to focus on important patient outcomes. In addition to providing comprehensive patient care, Valant also has features for office management and billing software. Here are some of the most notable features of Valant EHR. Read on to learn more about the company and how it works for behavioral health providers. Using Valant EHR software will streamline administrative processes, boost your revenue, and help you achieve meaningful patient outcomes.

Intake workflow: The software lets you check patients in and send them their intake documents via a secure portal. The software also enables patients to complete intake forms at home and submit them during their visits. Its calendar interface lets you see patient information by day and week and can be filtered by the provider. One drawback of this software is that it syncs one way. To make changes, you must log in to Valant.


Despite Valant’s plethora of benefits, some of its features can be frustrating for users. The documentation workflow is a particular pain point. Users are prompted to open the mobile notes interface to see patient charts and all of their previous notes, including intake and progress notes. The system also makes old data available for reuse and creates text narratives automatically. While the documentation workflow may seem simple, users may need some training to use Valant.

The cost of Valant EHR is higher than some competitors, but it is HIPAA-compliant and comes with many features. The price is about $200-250 per user, and it is available on an annual contract. The company serves thousands of practices throughout the United States, but its price can be prohibitive to smaller groups. The company also has had customer service problems in the past. It is notorious for taking a long to fix a software bug, so it’s best to check with the company before making a purchase.

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