What are The Different Types of Lightsaber Toy?


A Lightsaber is described as an “energy sword”. A Lightsaber toy is made up of a handle that is cyber crystal. A Lightsaber toy that lights up and makes the same sound as a lightsaber. There is a huge market for lightsaber toys and is one of the most realistic lightsaber toys sold in the world today. One of the most important aspects of a lightsaber is sound. If children want to learn lightsabers then they can join the lightsaber academy where kids can train to wield their lightsabers. With enough practice, anyone can become a lightsaber master. The lightsaber academy system with level 2 lightsaber featuring lights, sounds, and phrases. For a more civilized age, you live in the best time to buy a more elegant weapon and then a lightsaber fight with your kids.

Here are the Best Lightsaber Toys:

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Squad

With the likeness of one of the most beloved characters in the universe the lightsaber for Padawans ages four and older blends the appeal of the ultra-cool weapon. The handle of the lightsaber matches the bluish-gray tone of Ahsoka’s Montreal and there is no need to hunt for batteries when it comes to wielding the saber properly. With a flick of the wrist, Ahoksa’s extendable white blade comes to the life.

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Forge

Into customizable sabers, the lightsaber Forge line is Hasbro’s. The kids aged four and older can use their imagination to mix and match parts across the entire line, creating a lightsaber all of their own. Younglings can create thousands of different combinations if you count all of the pieces of the entire Lightsaber Forge Spectrum. The four main parts are the blade, cap, core, and cover and there is no doubt about the inspiration for this one. Yoda’s pointy ears are featured by the gold and green accented cap and the Jedi Master’s trademark green blade extends manually. The entry-level lightsaber toy forge sabers include Mace Windu, Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker.

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Forge

With the extended light-up blades and electronic sound effects, the bladesmith assortment of the lightsaber forge line features sabers. To make these flashy features work there is no need for Jedi powers. To resemble the character’s signature lightsaber design, the cap, cover, and core with their gold, silver, and black color scheme come together.

  • Black Series Force FX Lightsaber

The Black Series Force FX Lightsaber put the realism of the galaxy’s most iconic weapon in the palm of your hand. This is the most realistic Force FX Lightsaber recommended for ages 14 and older. Based on the weapons seen in the Disney+ the Kenobi and Vader versions boast authentic design inspirations. They came with a tabletop display stand that allows the collector to show off their saber with or without the removable blade. Due to the advanced LED technology, the lightsaber features a wall-cutting effect and an authentic duel effect which allow the blades to change colors when two weapons clash.


One of the most distinctive members of the Jedi order is Mace Windu. It had a plasma blade of amethyst- a brilliant warning to enemies that the Jedi Order’s greatest champion was ready for battle. So if you are interested in buying a mace Windu lightsaber then must visit artsabers to buy Mace Windu Famously wields.

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