What Are The Features And Advantages Of Microsoft Azure?

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Microsoft Azure is a worldwide-famous and reliable Windows cloud platform product. It was formerly called Windows Azure in the market and nowadays it is a market-leading product. It hosts a range of cloud-powered services such as analytics, computing, networking, and storage. End-users can curate from a range of hosted features to design and scale-up new applications. Furthermore, users also have the option to run the existing software on the public cloud in an efficient way. It ultimately enables organizations to attenuate challenges and deliver services specific to the organizational goals. Therefore, its compatibility with non-proprietary technologies, flexible billing patterns, and sound infrastructure suggest its extensive use in the industry. The growing need for Microsoft Azure Online Training among job seekers also indicates the same. The cloud solution of the Windows product serves multifarious such as eCommerce and finance and a multitude of companies and domains.

To understand the elementary topics of Azure in detail, refer to the subsequent section.

Features of Microsoft Azure:

The prominence of Microsoft Azure stems from the fact that it entails provides a cost-effective, compatible, and flexible environment for developing applications. It simplifies the work of the developers by offering open-source technologies and other services cloud-based services such as networking, storage, analytics, etc.

Infrastructure as a Service:

Azure had led the market in the development of IaaS technologies. It is an efficient methodology that permits deploying and controlling apps in a rapid and easy way. It renders the enterprises in the easy customization of the cloud software to satisfy business requirements.

Strong Support in Analytics:

Microsoft Azure comprises of multifaceted built-in function that analyzes key pieces of information and offers valuable insights. For Analytics services, the cloud platform hosts a wide range of features such as Stream Analytics, Cortana Analytics, SQL, and Stream Analytics. The features aid businesses in enhancing customer service, search new profitable opportunities, and making data-driven decisions.

Upgrade Your Present IT Base:

It benefits users by integrating smoothly with the existing IT solutions in the organization. The cloud platform enhances the capabilities of IT Support by introducing sophisticated features such as storage solutions, hybrid databases, and robust private connections. It can exist in harmony and seamlessly within your data center and business environment. It naturally elevates the accessibility and also makes the process cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Now, after reading about the characteristics of Azure, it is essential to learn about a few advantages as well. It will further signify the sophisticated capabilities of the cloud.

Advantages of Azure:

Azure offers a lot of upgraded services, which sets itself apart from its competitors. There are many perks to choose and your choice of service would depend on your business requirements, scalability, and the sale you wish to generate.


Apart from considering crucial criteria such as jitter, lag, ping rates, and so on, Microsoft Azure also offers other features that enhance performance and speed. The platform puts the impetus on situating data centers all around the world. It would make sure that users get access to the information at all times. The widespread availability of data centers makes it easy for users to retrieve data in a quick way and whenever necessary.

Upgraded Flexibility:

The scalability aspect of Azure looks a lot simplified. Hence, it ensures the adaptability of the platform stays at the top level. The high flexibility renders the platform to allow users to retrieve multiple resources easily to enhance the service levels. Now, when the users feel they no longer require a such high level of resources, they can easily cut down their use. Depending upon computing, extra storage, or support, users can decide the number of resources that is essential for the time being.

Integrated Delivery Pipeline:

The end-to-end solutions of Microsoft Azure ensure that the platform fulfills a complete and unified pipeline. It means all the processes right from the source to the integration and delivery occur inside a single environment. The cloud platform also makes sure when the new updates get released, they do not hamper the working of the already working application. Thus, the functionality does not get disrupted when the users create further service levels, create security patches, and enhance features.


The above article articulates introductory concepts of a prominent cloud platform Microsoft Azure. It elucidates some important features and advantages, which clearly signifies the importance of the platform in application development. The cloud platform offers feasible features and reduces the cost of development. It does that through flexibility, an integrated delivery pipeline, and IaaS technologies. It is worthwhile to explore a career path in this domain as it is an evolving field and the job trends indicate its progressing prospects. Hence, the value of Microsoft Azure Online Certification in Bahrain in the job market is now more than ever. Despite its prominence, the expertise in this domain is hard to get a reputable certification helps in the initial stages of a career.

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