What Are the Roles, Functions, and Services of a Notary?

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While signing something important officially, everybody hesitates if the documents are forged. Also, when you sign an agreement with a new client or partner, you may have doubts about their authenticity. Therefore, a witness for the signing event is requisite.

When there is a notary public present at the event of the signing, both the agreement holders get confidence about the originality. A notary in Cerritos helps you notarize important documents, such as property wills, business agreements, medical records, real estate documents, etc. If there is a case of forgery, your notary professional will quickly identify it.

What are the criteria for becoming a notary?

To be a notary in the USA, one must meet the following requirements:

  • The person must be over 18 years old.

  • He/she must be a legal citizen of the state and country.

  • He/she needs to meet all the educational qualifications that the secretary of State sets.

  • The person needs to qualify for the exam to become a notary public.

Roles & Functions of a Notary

Read the following points before you get your documents notarized:

Signer’s identity verification

There are three ways that a notary may follow to verify the identity of a signer. First, the signer can be familiar with the notary. So, he can use his personal knowledge for the verification.

Secondly, the notary can include a third person, a credible witness. The person is generally known to both the signer and the notary personally. The credible witness has to be present with the signer signing an affidavit that states that he verifies the document signer’s identity. The notary conducts an oath and affirmation to the credible witness.

Thirdly, the notary asks the signer for his or her identity proof, such as a driving license, passport, or any government-issued identification containing the signer’s photo and signature.

Document verification

A notary has to review the documents to identify the type of their notarization. He scrutinizes the documents and detects if there is any blank space. He also checks if the name on the document is the same as on the signer’s identification.

Notary journal updates

The notaries keep a journal with them to keep records of their official work. If a notarial act is called into question, the journal supports the notary showing that he conducted his or her duty properly. As the journal is a matter of confidentiality, a notary in Cerritos never shares his own journal with anybody else.

Documents that a notary deals with

There can be various types of documents that you need to sign in. Here arises the question of which documents need to be notarized by a notary expert.

Medical documents

Documents related to healthcare declaration need to be notarized. It is essential to ensure that there are no disputes between the doctor and the patients. These medical documents may contain specific treatment that an injured or ill person wishes or denies to have.

Also, when a patient is not in the state of deciding on his own treatment, medical proxies allow another person to decide on the patient’s behalf. While signing an important document like a health care proxy, the presence of a witness is vital.

Personal and professional wills

Property wills, deeds, and trusts are the subject of wiliness. While buying or selling a property, it is necessary to check if the property and its owner are authentic. While receiving or transferring property to someone or more, one may need the presence of a witness.

Also, when you are adopting a child, there are lots of official documents to sign in. In such incidents, you can hire a notary professional.

At the workplace, there are many deals and agreements for new projects. One must be very careful while signing them. Hence, you should contact a professional notary in Cerritos to conduct the procedure.

Basic Difference Between a Mobile Notary & Notary Public

Do you know that there are mobile notary services available to you? The basic difference between a mobile and a public notary service is traveling. At mobile notary service, the notary professional whom you have hired will come to you. So, you do not have to move here and there driving and traveling in search of a notary. You just need to make a call and book an appointment.

Unlike a notary public, a mobile notary can visit your place or any venue of your choice. In this case, sometimes, you may need to pay some additional charges to your mobile notary professional.

If you have decided to contact a professional notary in Cerritos, you must check the advantages of hiring one. Getting in touch with a trusted and renowned notary service will help save you time and money.

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