What Does Copper Recycling Do for You?

by Kara Masterson

Copper is a natural resource that has many uses, and you likely have many items in your home or business that contain this metal. You may also need raw copper for manufacturing purposes. When you no longer have any use for your copper items, you may be inclined to discard them in the trash, but copper is a recyclable metal that can be reused for a variety of purposes. Here are just a few good reasons why recycling your copper can be a smart decision for you.

Helps the Environment

If you want to help save the planet for tomorrow’s generations, recycling your copper is an excellent way to start. When you recycle copper, you’ll be doing your part to help preserve natural resources and reduce the demand for new copper that’s usually harvested through methods that can harm the environment. You’ll also keep more copper out of landfills when you recycle. If you want to encourage your employees to recycle their copper products, you can start a recycling program and provide each employee with detailed information on how reusing copper can benefit the environment.

Saves Money

Copper recycling can be especially good if you run a business and are trying to save money. Excavating or mining raw copper is often a more expensive process, and the price increase will be passed onto you if you decide to purchase new copper instead of getting recycled copper that’s cheaper and is just as good as if you’d bought new.

Keeps More Copper in the Reserve

As plentiful as copper may seem, it isn’t a renewable resource like wind or solar power. By recycling your copper, you’ll contribute to the conservation of the current copper reserve and will have access to more of the material to use if you ever need to purchase new copper.

Possibly Protects You from Certain Health Hazards

Recycling your copper can even be good for your health. When new copper is excavated or mined and then refined, toxins are often released into the air. These toxins can make the air quality more hazardous for you and your community and put you at greater risk for respiratory conditions and other health problems.


No matter how much copper you use in your home or business, you shouldn’t just throw away this material when it becomes unusable or is no longer needed. Recycling your copper can benefit the environment, your budget, and your health in different ways and should be done as often as possible whenever you need to get rid of your copper.

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