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It’s no secret that Snapchat is currently one of the most widely used multimedia messaging apps available. There has been consistent work done by the app’s developers to enhance the app’s code and user experience. However, some users have been inquiring as to the specifics of What is a quick add on Snapchat?


Snap Chat will show you a list of your mutual acquaintances here. This section is What is a quick add on Snapchat? 


This function is Snapchat’s way of suggesting new friends to you. The app is constantly adding new users, and every once in a while, you’ll see a name you recognize or someone you know who has just signed up.


There are various scenarios in which friends who have abandoned one account in favor of another will show up here.


What criteria does Snapchat use to decide who gets added to your Quick Add list?


Snap Chat compiles this part by determining how many mutual friends you and another user share. The reasoning goes like this: if two users are both following the same people, they are more likely to already know one other.


Does your location factor into Quick Add?


Your location may be factored into the “weighing” of these friend recommendations. Someone who lives 20 miles away is less likely to know who you are than someone who spends a lot of time in the same place as you.


In other words, the app may conclude that you do not know each other very well if you never run into each other.


Though it is important, location is not the deciding factor for this quality. The algorithm at Snapchat will, however, treat it as just one small part of a much bigger picture.


We all have relatives, previous coworkers, and old schoolmates that we haven’t seen in quite some time, so it would be myopic to exclude them just because you haven’t seen them recently.


Talking on the phone.


Snapchat may display contacts from your phonebook if you’ve given the app permission to access such information. In the same way that Facebook and Twitter both have a “Find A Friend” function, so does Google+.


To put it simply, Snapchat may assume you are friends with someone who signs up using a phone number that was already on your phone’s contact list.


And the order in which these items appear is subject to change. This will ensure that your Quick Add page always looks current and allow other users a chance to gain prominence.


Relatively new.


Under a user’s name in the Quick Add section, you may see the phrase “Recently joined.” In other words, this person has just created a Snapchat account and has added you and a few of your friends as contacts.


In a nutshell, they’re new and they’ve been adding people you know. Therefore, Snapchat assumes that there’s a significant probability they know you as well.


A hasty insertion beneath the tales.


From time to time, Snapchat will also recommend a “quick add” under your friends’ stories:


Under “Stories,” a friend recommendation has been displayed.


The accompanying screenshot shows that the app has suggested an individual named Alan Smith who has “recently joined” the service.


This is Snapchat’s way of forcing a friend’s suggestion down your throat.


This is likely to be someone with whom you have a large number of shared friends. Snapchat hopes you’ll check out this profile to gauge how well you know the company.


Is there a way to disable the suggested addition of items to my fast add?


A little grey X may be seen on the right side of the preceding screenshot.


Selecting the X will delete the selected individual. Simply put, this tells the program that you are not familiar with this individual.


Do you have the option to turn off the suggestions that pop up while you type?


No. Snapchat does not provide a way to turn off suggested additions to stories. Like Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature, the app’s suggestions are pre-programmed to help you connect with like-minded individuals.


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Snap Chat: How to Disable Quick Add?


You’re in luck if you don’t want their Snapchat profile to appear in the Quick Add section. We’ll show you how to unsubscribe from a Snapchat Quick Add if you change your mind.


  • Get Snapchat going by opening the app and signing in.
  • To access your Snapchat, select it from the menu at the top left.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the settings.
  • The option to “See Me in Quick Add” can be found toward the bottom of the Settings menu. To use it, just click on it.
  • The box will be pre-checked; to deselect it, simply click it.


Once you’ve done that, other Snapchat users won’t be able to find you in the Quick Add list. If you’re not keen on having your Snapchat profile appear in the Quick Add section, we hope this helpful hint will change your mind.






Quickly and easily add friends, this article about What is a quick add on Snapchat with the app’s built-in Quick Add feature.


To that end, we hope this article has helped you better understand What is a quick add on Snapchat. Never forget that you may always come back to this site for clarification on any aspect of Snapchat about which you feel unclear.



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