What Should I Do If my Dental Bridge Feels Weak?

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You might have a crown on your tooth or want to replace one or more of them with a bridge. What does this mean for you? Is it necessary to see your dentist every six months? Balsam Dental can answer any questions. These are common reasons why your dental bridge may feel loose. A loosening bridge could caused by oral trauma. If you have had your head, face or mouth hit with something, your bridge might be at risk.

You should seek medical attention immediately if your bridge is experiencing discomfort or loosening from oral trauma.

Decay In An Abutment Tooth

This will cause the tooth to become decayed and loosen the dental cement that held it to your abutment. This can cause your bridge to become loose and wobbly. Dental cement can wear down over time. This is uncommon unless there are other medical conditions. You may notice looser dental cement if your bridge has been in use for a while. This happens more frequently if you eat sticky food, which can cause your bridge to become loose.

Is Dental Bridge Safe?

Human jaw model showing missing teeth and the gaps that can filled with dental bridges. The dental bridge fills the gap between the teeth that been removed. The dental appliance has three crowns. Each end has two crowns. They serve as anchorage for the adjacent healthy teeth. The middle crown can used to make a false or pon-tic tooth. If there is no healthy neighboring tooth, dental implants used. Dental bridges are fixed. Dental bridges fixed affixing the abutment crown to adjacent healthy teeth or dental implants. You have the option of making the bridge from gold or silver, all porcelain, or porcelain fused to metals.

Two visits  typically required for a dental bridge. The procedure made easier by administering local anesthetic to the teeth which will serve as abutments. We shape and resize healthy teeth in preparation for the pon-tic. Next, take a digital picture of the abutments. This sent to a lab to create a custom-fitted dental crown. The temporary bridge placed to protect the prepared but-ments. The temporary bridge will taken down and replaced with your custom fit bridge during the second visit. It will then adjusted to ensure it a perfect fit. If it found adequate, it will remain in its original place.

There can be both benefits and risks to dental bridges. These are the advantages: It can replace missing teeth and help you speak and chew correctly. Additionally, it can prevent your remaining tooth from shifting, which can lead to problems in your bite. This prevents bone loss and helps maintain your face’s structure. Bridges can  permanently fixed to stop them from moving like dentures. Dental bridges pose a danger to your health. Poorly fitted bridges lead to decay below the crown. There is a reduction of the healthy structure of natural teeth to accommodate the appliance. If the support teeth are too weak, the restoration might fall. They will eventually have to replaced.

The next step is to decide whether or not you want to use a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth. Discuss any questions you have about dental bridges with your dentist. Dental bridge pain caused by many things. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the root cause.

dental bridge

Balsam Dental could be able to assist you if you are experiencing pain from your denture. If you recently had South Edmonton dentist bridges installed, your bite could be too big. Your bridge may be too loose or have decay under its crown. This can cause pain. Gum disease, which lead to weakening of supporting teeth and other damage to your dental crown, also cause it to damaged. dental bridge cost can vary region to region.

Your dentist will ask questions in order to identify the root cause for your pain. Dentist will then inspect your dental bridge as well as the surrounding teeth. Our gums and surrounding tissues also reviewed by your dentist. Your dentist will diagnose the root cause and offer the best treatment. Is it possible to get infection or decay under a dental crown?

Dental bridges in your region can cause decay. This is when food particles stick between your teeth. Corrosion also occur if your bridge not properly fitted. Although it is very common, pollution does not occur overnight. A sign of decay typically seen after 10 to 15 years. Food particles and other debris can get into the cement joints that hold the bridge in place. This can cause serious damage. Neglecting to treat decay may lead to serious infections.

To Prevent Bacterial Buildup, It Is Important To Clean The Area At Least Once A Day

Removable dental bridges can taken out at any time. To avoid bacteria buildup, they must cleaned every day. The bacteria can cause damage to the natural tooth and replacement tooth. Keep them clean to prevent bacteria buildup. You can ensure your removable dental bridge will look its best for many years by taking good care of your teeth. If you feel that you need dental treatment, it is a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist.

When choosing a removable bridge for your smile, the most important consideration is its cost. Implant dentistry is the most costly option, but it’s still affordable for many people. A removable dental bridge costs significantly less than dental implants and requires no surgery. You can eat and drink your favorite foods, so there’s no need to worry about finances.

Use Cool Water, Not Hot

Removable dental bridges can removed by using a sink, or a towel. Rinse with cool water. Hot water can cause bridge warping and shifting, even though it may sound tempting. It is best to use cool water in such situations. Removable dental restraining devices can be risky investments. Your dentist will replace it if you break it accidentally.

They are usually less expensive than fixed dental bridges, and can be a great option if you are missing one or more teeth. These bridges made from also porcelain and can match your existing teeth. Because they are removable, they can concealed in your mouth. A partial bridge will need to removed every now and again. It can  worn for no more than one month.

Your removable dental bridge should kept clean. You should clean your removable dental bridge with a soft toothbrush. Do not use homemade abrasive cleaners to clean your bridge. This could lead to damage. You should only soak the bridge also for a few seconds to avoid any damage. Your bridge can cleaned with a soft toothbrush and warm water.

Is Dental Bridge Pain Normal?

You may feel some discomfort after you have received your dental bridge. The pain can managed with over-the counter painkillers. The pain should subside within a few hours. If the pain continues for longer than seven days, it could be an indication of infection or a poorly-fitted dental bridge. Good oral hygiene habits can prevent issues with your dental crown. You should brush twice daily, for two minutes each, and floss once a week. For cleaning around the dental bridge, follow your dentist’s instructions. Balsam Dental should always seen at least every six month for professional cleanings or checkups.

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