What to Buy to Keep Pets from Destroying Your Stuff

by smithwillas

Pets are adorable. They are super cute. They are funny. They are the best companion that you will ever find. They are destructive too. They can drive you crazy although you cannot deny the fact that you love them to bits. They have a habit of getting mischievous whenever they are not given attention. However, keeping an eye on your pet 24×7 is next to impossible, which means that they will get mischievous. If you are a kitty mom then, a cat doormat is something that you would love. Although, there is high chances that your kitty might destroy it too.

Things to Train your Pet With

In their initial few months (in most cases, up to 18 months) have a habit of destroying everything that they see around them. This everything includes your doors, doormats, furniture, curtains, bed sheets, shoes, doormats, toilet paper, cushions, and simply everything that you can think of. Puppies and kitties are no less than ninjas! However, dealing with pets requires a lot of patience. You must not forget that these are equivalent to your babies. Hence, learning to deal with them and understand them is the only way you can prevent your pieces of stuff from getting destroyed.

It is an absolute myth when people say that you cannot have pets and a well-decorated and clean house together. You can have a nice home along with those cute fur babies. Here are some tips that will help you to save your stuff from getting destroyed by your little goofballs.

  1. Use Paper Roll ups for Training

If you want to correct your pet, make sure that you do it in the right way. Do not freak out loud even if you see your dog chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Yes, it is easier said than done, but if you freak out all of a sudden, then that would make your pet get more tensed and instead of leaving what they are chewing, they would rather search for something else again. You never know, this time it could be something even more expensive.

There are places on an animal’s body that you can lightly touch to make them realize that what they are doing is not right. You can roll up small papers and use them for a light pat. (Animals when young are extremely sensitive; make sure that the paper roll is a light one). These places can be the neck, the hindquarters, or the tip of the nose. This will make them give you their attention. You can communicate with them once you have that.

  1. Use Peeing Mats for Peeing

Your pet might not behave rationally if they suffer from some kind of medical problem. It is important to find out if the behavior is due to a physical problem or not. If you see your dog peeing here and there even after you have tried correcting them or training them then before moving with further correction methods, get your dog checked with a vet. Peeing troubles can also be a result of kidney issues. Your vet would be the best person to say that and get it checked right away. If that is not the issue, then you can train your dog with peeing mats.

  1. Deterrents and Sticky Straps

You would not get attracted to things that do not smell good. Right? Well, the same goes for your pets. They would never chew something that would not smell good to them. Although like everything else, there are exceptions too. Use taste deterrents on your furniture or anything that you think your pets can find attractive enough to chew off. This works excellently for dogs.

For cats, a double-sided sticky strap does an amazing job. Stick them in places where your cat can step on them. Stay rest assured that your cat will take a step back when they step on these sticky straps. This is simply because cats hate sticky surfaces.

  1. Get them Chewable Toys

Animals are prone to chewing things when they are small. The reason is the same as it is for human babies. The irritation of a new tooth coming out makes them chew whatever they find nearby. When they grow up eventually, they chew to keep their teeth healthy and strong. However, the main chewing problem that you would face is when you are young. During such a phase, the best way you can prevent them from chewing up your things is by giving them chew toys.

There are several kinds of chew toys that you will find (online as well as offline stores). Some are even healthy since they have food stuffed in them such as peanut butter, milk, chicken, etc. Get these toys and place them in places where you think they can chew. You will see that they would get attracted to those toys more than your things.

Bottom Line

Keeping pets is one of the best decisions that you would make. However, you would require a lot of patience in dealing with them. This doubles up when they are young. Communicating with them in the right manner is the way out. Shouting makes situations worse even for humans. Then how can you think that it would work for the fur babies who would never be even able to speak and express themselves to you?

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