What to do after Mechanical Engineering? Top 5 Career Opportunities After B.Tech Mechanical Engineering for Working Professionals

by College Vidya

Mechanical engineering is one of the highly demanding and diverse sections of the engineering field that combines various aspects of mathematics, material science, and applied physics. It helps them to design, develop and create various types of machinery. 

There are many institutions that provide M.Tech for working professionals under online and distance modes. 

The course of Mechanical Engineering opens various venues of technology and science like dynamics, electricity, structural analysis, material science, and thermodynamics. There are top 6 Career Opportunities after B.Tech Mechanical Engineering whether you want to pursue higher education or want to do any job after B.Tech, then you should read this article to the end. College Vidya; one of the most reliable educational consultants has explained the top 5 career opportunities after B.Tech:

#1 Pursue an M.Tech degree

After a bachelor’s degree, it is recommended to pursue a master’s degree in the same discipline or other like M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. You can choose Robotics, tools, automobiles, and mechatronics engineering to plunge into a particular specialization, and in this way, you can easily grab top-class job opportunities. Engineering after completing your B.Tech in the Mechanical field. 

#2 Choose a Short-Term Course

There are many short-term programs in the educational sector that students choose to make their careers bright. You can choose one of them like

  • Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Diploma in Pipeline Engineering
  • Certificate program in welding inspection
  • Certificate course in designing software like CAM/CAD etc.

After completing these short-term programs, you can easily get good and handsome salary-paying jobs. 

#3 Pursue PG Degree in Engineering Management 

The management degree at master’s after B.Tech will combine the aspects of engineering and management. Once you are skilled with management education after technical, you will get more and more opportunities to make your career bright. A student with a master’s degree in engineering management is likely to hold a reputed position better than a normal M.Tech degree holder. 

#4 Go For MBA after B.Tech 

Many students choose MBA after B.Tech because everyone wants to be professional after getting some technical knowledge. MBA provides a perfect platform to grow or enhance professional knowledge. Also, it provides good salary packages in job profiles. You can choose an MBA in Data Analytics and Data Science to hold a reputed job. 

There are many universities that provide open and distance MBA with quality education. You can compare those on the College Vidya portal. MBA is becoming a preferred choice of millions of students for making a career in the professional domain. 

#5 Search for Jobs in Government Secto

There are many departments of government where B. Tech candidates are in demand for their vacancies. Prepare for the government jobs you like as per the department and then try to crack with your technical knowledge and basic skills that you have got while completing your B.Tech. There are many job opportunities in government sectors like Junior engineers, Water and sanitation department, Senior mechanical engineers, PA to Sr. Technical engineers, etc. 

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