Why do enterprises need a Custom Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management Software

by esellerhubusa

Sam owned a retail store and was worried about loss of products. He wanted to build an ecommerce store and so, he was looking for an inventory management system to manage the goods. As he wanted to sell his handcrafted chairs on his ecommerce website, he was searching for custom software development services to accommodate his needs. He wanted to offer a unique feature to allow the users to change the colors of the chairs. Hence, the inventory should be updated accordingly and only a tailored software could do the needful. 

Example of why your business needs custom software for inventory management

For example: If a customer selects white and gray combination of handcrafted chairs, he wants to be able to update the raw materials in his inventory management so that he can get accurate details. If the customer chooses a red handcrafted chair, the raw material for red threads should be reduced without affecting white and gray.  On talking to a few inventory management service providers, Sam found that it could take around two months to build a custom system to help him achieve his business requirements and goals. He got his system developed exactly as per his needs and now, he enjoys smooth business processes using a comprehensive inventory management system to run his business operations. 

Why did Sam have to opt for custom development of inventory management software? The ready-made software available in the market could not accommodate all his requirements and hence, he was searching for a company to help him get the exact solution. 

Do you run ecommerce business and need help with managing the products? Do you have multiple warehouses and you are looking for a tailored custom inventory management software to manage the goods? Inventory management involves the counting, dispatching and controlling of the stocks in an organized manner. Custom inventory management systems can be used for managing the flow of goods in and out of your organization, right from raw materials to finished products. 

If you are looking for inventory management software for dropshipping, you will have to go for custom development as most of the ready-made solutions won’t be able to accommodate all your requirements. 

The two main aspects of the inventory management system are: shipping and receiving the goods. There may be other activities such as placing the products at the right places, picking the items when the orders are received, packing them, shipping the items for orders fulfillment and accepting returns, and much more. 

Other scenarios where custom inventory management software may be required 

When your team receives the raw materials or products, they would need to update the quantity in the inventory management system so that you and the entire team is aware of the quantity. When an order is received, the quantity should be updated from the inventory so that over ordering can be prevented. It is important to have accurate inventory count so that you can avoid problems later on. For example: You sell Bluetooth earphones of a particular brand and you have a stock of 20 pieces. If 5 pairs get sold on Amazon and 2 pairs get sold on Walmart in a particular month, you update the inventory management system. 3 more pairs get sold out on your website in the same month but your team forgets to update the same on your inventory management system. Hence, what quantity of earphones would the system show? It should show 13 pairs but in reality, only 10 pairs would be available at the warehouse. If you get orders for 11 pairs in the next month, you will not be able to fulfill that as you only have 10 pairs available at the warehouse. You would need a custom inventory management system that fits your exact business needs and goals. With the right inventory management system, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. 

Once you have made up your mind to build custom inventory management software, you should start searching for an experienced company to help you. As there are several inventory management companies, you can talk to a few service providers and get quotes from them. After getting quotes from multiple agencies, you can compare them and choose to hire the best company for a tailored inventory management system. With the right custom inventory management software, you will be able to maximize the performance and efficiency of your business. No matter what industry you are into, getting the right software to manage your inventory can help you skyrocket your sales and boost your business productivity by helping you get accurate information about stocks and preventing errors. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the right suitable inventory management software for your business. 

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