Why is Cricket Most beloved Sports of India

by karanxdwalia

In India, cricket has come close to becoming a religion. Following the Indian national cricket team’s victory in the 1983 World Cup, the gentleman’s game gained prominence. The Indian National Cricket Team has recently returned home with a number of other international victories. However, winning medals and trophies isn’t everything.

We’ll discuss a number of factors in this piece that contribute to why cricket is India’s most popular sport.

Indian culture is well rooted in cricket.

Indians regularly practice the sport of cricket. Every town and city has a cricket stadium. However, the sport’s influence on Indian culture extends beyond than that. Since 1979, cricket has appeared as a theme in a number of Bollywood films.

Darker subjects, such as the harmful effects of match-fixing and unlawful gambling, were, however, first covered in Jannat in 2008. The dangers of being fixated on making quick, easy money are explored in the film, as is the way that compulsive gambling may change a person in unexpected ways.

This cricket-centered portrayal of gambling addiction is just as potent and evocative as the best gambling-related Western films. We see similarities to James Cain’s Al Pacino-starring film The Gambler or Two for the Money.

Everyone is welcome to play cricket.

Cricket is well-liked on all societal levels, but the Indian men’s national squad has attracted a lot of attention internationally. It is played by people of different ages and skill levels.

Cricket is a sport that everyone can pick up. A cricket bat, a cricket ball, and a minimum of two players are all you need. Almost every street and alley in India is home to a pair of kids engaged in a passionate game of cricket.

More stadiums and training facilities are available for cricket in India than any other sport. Nearly every region or state in India has at least one major cricket venue. There are numerous primary cricket stadiums in many more.

Indian cricketers of the highest caliber serve as role models.

Numerous cricket players of the highest caliber and with global recognition play in India. New cricketers who want to emulate their success and ascend to the top of the national and international cricketing hierarchies look up to these individuals as a source of inspiration.


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