Why Troop Messenger is Better Than Slack for Business

Do you find yourself comparing Slack and Troop Messenger a lot? To make an informed choice on a tool that is appropriate for your business, read this article.

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Without instant messaging software, it is difficult to picture modern social and professional interactions.
Don’t take a chance when choosing the communication tool, or you’ll wind up working on an ineffective tool and leaving behind a wonderful tool. Did you realize that your official team chat app or communication tool plays a crucial role in the success of your business?

Let’s compare Troop Messenger and Slack based on their features and levels of security, which are the fundamental and essential qualities that any business looks for in a communication tool.



Companies may collaborate closely with one another thanks to features like private and public channel messaging, video calls, searchable message history, screen sharing, file sharing, and more.

Do you know that during the pandemic most Slack users, especially the free users, moved to other applications like Troop Messenger because the free plan permitted one-to-one audio/video conversations and up to 15 participants with paid subscriptions, whereas screen sharing can only be accessed with paid plans, so some of the free users had depend on screen sharing softwares. Remote access and the conference features are currently lacking in Slack.

Despite the fact that there is a significant distinction between calls and conferences, one of the official Slack webpages claims that calls count as conferences.

Given that Slack is an integration rich tool, users are expected to integrate the desired solution; nevertheless, integrations come with their own unique set of security concerns.

Hence, in this evolving digital world, Slack may not adhere to business requirements.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is known as a feature rich tool, which devotedly works with a mission in empowering the users by providing all the required features in one platform, so that users don’t have to transit between multiple UIs consuming their productive time.

Troop Messenger facilitates users with all the required features like chat, audio/ video calls, file sharing, audio/ video conference, remote access, screen sharing, and among others.

Troop Messenger offers some unique features, such as:


You can communicate very sensitive information in a private or secret chat window called Burnout, and you can set a timer for the data to self-destruct before the conversation even begins in an incognito window. Nobody on the planet will be able to access your chat history, and it will no longer exist.


You can send a message to many users or groups in one go.

Live Location Tracking

You can track your employees’ location details.

Jointly-Code Editor

While on a call or in a conference, multiple programmers can work on the code without switching between platforms.

Join Now

You can join the on-going missed call.

Troop Messenger is a complete team collaboration tool that negates the need to look for alternative platforms, making it accessible to all sizes of businesses.



For all of our customers, Slack encrypts data both in transit and at rest. uses technologies like audit logs, Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM), and integrations with leading data loss prevention (DLP) vendors to further secure your data.

It delivers governance and risk-management features that are adaptable enough to satisfy any needs your organization may have. This includes customer support for eDiscovery, worldwide retention policies, and personalized terms of service.

With features like single sign-on, domain claiming, and support for business mobility management, only the appropriate users on authorized devices can access your company’s information in Slack.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger prioritizes both providing users with a secure platform and onboarding new users equally. Do you know that because of its high security standards, Troop Messenger is now used as the official communication tool by defense agencies, political parties, space agencies, and corporate companies? Troop Messenger will easily transcend Slack in terms of security. Perhaps, after reading the content below, you may see there is no room for argument in this regard.


Troop Messenger offers an on-premise solution in addition to various delivery options, unlike Slack and other well-known tools. On-premise hosting has the main benefit of allowing administrators to use their own servers, networks, and databases. By preventing unauthorized access, it lowers the risk of data theft. Additionally, it completely transfers ownership of the data to the administrator, providing them the choice of working together or independently.

In contrast to the cloud, because the administrator controls the data, they are able to apply top-notch security measures without depending on third-party services.

Air-Gap Network

Troop Messenger are compatible with air-gap networks. An air-gapped network is totally cut off from all other internet-enabled devices, and an air-gapped computer is not linked to the web or any other internet-enabled system. Defense organizations and businesses who need to work on important financial or business documents without running the risk of viruses, ransomware, keyloggers, or other attacks on internet networks, etc., use this offline computing method.


Troop Messenger can be integrated with Active Directory or OpenLDAP to secure user access.

Authentication with many factors (MFA)

You can secure access to your collaboration platform with MFA. There are numerous ways to implement this extra security layer.

End to End Encryption

Every session on this platform, including texting, calls (audio/video), file sharing, video conferencing, etc., will be end-to-end encrypted.

Audit Record

The Audit Logs report offers analytics and information about program activity that is incredibly obvious. The audit logs can be exported, or you can connect to a System Logging Protocol (Syslog) server to conduct further research.


The information concerning Troop Messenger that was just mentioned is accurate, despite you may assume it is biased after reading this.

I thus hope the information above will enable you to make an informed conclusion while deciding between Troop Messenger and Slack.

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