Will a marriage counselor ever suggest divorce?

marriage counselor ever suggest divorce

by venuscounselling

Suggestions are always welcomed by everyone as in India we all have that tendency of putting noses in others’ matters & dramatically showing our interest in others’ life by suggesting many options related to their work, life, issues, etc.

But on the other side of the coin, the suggestion is not something that one should provide without understanding the sensitivity of the situation, and similarly the one who is listing that suggestion should be equally well versed about the seriousness of that situation so that no miss leadings can be done by both the ends.

Here why do we are discussing this topic suggestion:-

Because we are very much keen to know whether in the case of Counseling, especially in Marriage Counselling the counselors suggest divorce to their clients????. Well coming to this important fact lets us first discuss what is actually counseling is and what the motive against counseling is –

If we speak about today s condition or situation of every person engaged in a hectic & annoyed lifestyle we can say each of us is required a good professional counselor to suggest to us the core values & ways of living life. Actually more is to be learned about how to handle such unwanted situations. Counseling now a day’s becoming more popular as which we are facing lots of challenges in our day-to-day life and to share those challenges we need some trustworthy as well as professionals who can suggest us positive ways to come out from those negative boundaries.

The most important role of Counselors:-

marriage counselor ever suggest divorce

Can be seen in the case of Marriage disputes. Very frequently seen broken marriages, betrays, broken trust, Extra Marital Affairs, etc lead to marriage disputes or separations. But do the Marriage counselors suggest divorce to disputed couples who themselves are looking for their help to get their broken relationships, as well as hearts, amended?

The answer will be a big “NO”. The motive of any counselor or therapist is always to make or rebuild the relations of their clients who are seeking their help for it. Counselors always try to empathize with them & make them understand the consequences of separation & broken marriages. Marriage counselling can always be recommended not only to resolve major issues but also for open communication which is the most required part for any couple. It is the duty of every counselor to help in rebuilding the hormonal & cordial relationship between the couples & if one suggests directly a divorce to them the hope of positive rates can be decreased or vanished.

Marriage counseling is a two-way process:-

As it can only work if the initiative is taken by both couples. The motive for every counselor will be the same to create an environment in which one can re-bond their relationship fruitfully. Here we can also say that not only Marriage counselors but even Divorce counselors never suggest divorce as directly to couples as their first preference will be to make them start their relationship work.

If we speak about static research on Marriage counseling 98% of the cases are successful in making them understand the worth of their marriage. It is always recommended to reach on early stages of life if you feel that it’s going out of your hands to handle situations. No negative suggestions or words used while couple therapy by any counselor will be used. Counseling is not a magic wand as equal effort is required to be put into every aspect of the relationship, marriage counselor.

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Conclusion –

Similarly, Divorce is a very negative word & as far as concerned Marriage or Couple Counselors never suggest such ideas of separation to any of their clients. Suggesting a good marriage or couple counselor can give you both kinds of results as maybe you can get a new beginning to your broken marriage or you can understand that being in a toxic relationship or marriage can lead you & your partner to a very dangerous situation which might help to get over from that stuck point, but no direct approaches will be made by any counselor to make one’s marriage broken.

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