Your Best Bet For Truck Repair Service Calgary

by James

Most of us have a few bumpers and scratches on our vehicles, and we often neglect the fact that rust can dent our car’s structural integrity. If your vehicle is getting to a point where you’re sick of repairing minor dents in your fender every few days, it might be time to give Truck Repair Service Calgary a call. We at New West Truck Centres have been dealing with vehicle repair for the past 20 years, and we have the experience and expertise to get you on the road again, fast.

How New West Truck can assist you with truck repairs in Calgary?

1. We’re specialists in commercial vehicle repair, so our staff has years of experience in fixing forklifts, trucks and other heavy equipment on the road.

2. We work with specialized repair techniques such as painting and powder coating, a much more durable process than conventional methods like welding, grinding and buffing.

3. We only use the best parts on your truck, and we always test every repair in our shop after it’s done. If there are any issues with your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that our staff will fix them before returning them to you.

4. We understand that you rely on your truck for work—when your vehicle is in the shop, no work gets done. That’s why our Truck Repair Service Calgary facility is dedicated to repairing and servicing vehicles on-site, so you can brag to your coworkers about how fast you got your car back from us.

5. We can repair anything on your vehicle, from engine replacements and electrical issues to frame repairs and wheel alignment. You might think that these are minor repairs if you’re looking for them only in the middle of winter and it’s too cold for you to work outside. But if something goes wrong in summer, it could be a huge problem.

6. We have the experience and expertise to do whatever needs fixing on your truck, even if you didn’t bring it in for a service. That means you can trust us to correct any serious problems with your vehicle—including engine replacements and complex frame repairs. Our staff has been working on cars and trucks for years, so we’re more than qualified to handle any problem.

7. Maybe you need more time to bring your vehicle in for repair. That’s why we have service appointments that fit your schedule so that you can take care of any job from our truck repair company quickly and effectively.

8. Maybe you’re not technically inclined enough to do maintenance on your vehicle—that doesn’t mean someone else can’t take care of it for you. With Truck Repair Service Calgary, we’re happy to help you with any problem.

9. Many of our customers take on projects like painting trucks or installing a new vehicle sound system. With our help, you can accomplish a task like that in no time.

10. Maybe you didn’t know that there were truck repair shops out there—but what’s the point of having a vehicle if you don’t know how to take care of it properly? That’s why we’re happy to help you with any repairs you might need with our Truck Repair Service Calgary service.


We at New West Truck Centres offer a smooth, easy, and fast service for all your truck needs. We can repair and service anything from an engine to a frame to a suspension. Our staff is professional and friendly, and we offer excellent customer service. We appreciate the opportunity to work in your community with our quality services, and this is why we want it to be known that we are the best Truck Repair Service Calgary has ever seen. To learn more about us, call (403) 569 4800.

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