Essentials New Hoodies and Drops from Jerry Lorenzo

by Naaz Ali

Essentials Clothing and Justin Bieber’s collaborations with Fear of God helped the brand gain popularity quickly. A long journey led Jerry Lorenzo to launch Essentials Clothing Collection in 2022, an affordable sister label to Fear of God.

The Essential Aim of Jerry Lorenzo

Lorenzo explains over the phone from his Los Angeles studio that when he first started Jerry Lorenzo’s Essentials Drop, he wanted to create a diffusion collection for kids who couldn’t afford the luxury products he was creating. The price of luxury products turned people away, along with the fact that they didn’t understand what goes into them.

Essential brand Fear of God Child

Exclusion is characterized by narrow definitions of beauty, not price tags, fashion shows, or celebrities. Despite the scarcity of products leading to eye-watering prices on resale sites and unpredictable drops in stores and online, there is still a lack of accessibility. The reflections that Lorenzo has undertaken have led him to see that this mentality is outdated. As it turned out, Essentials Hoodies was essentially a watered-down version of Fear of God, which I felt dishonest about. As well as being able to stand on its own, the piece should contain a lot of mainline material.

Pacsun Collaboration Is Essential

Continuing to make good on that promise, Lorenzo launches his latest Essentials collection at PacSun today, July 1. Retail prices range from $40 to $200 for this collection. As a status symbol, the Essentials brand has become increasingly popular. These items feature the logo on sweatshirts, knits, and jersey shorts. Lorenzo says the goal is not to create a knockoff or a cheaper version of something better. “Why not just create something great at a price point that is affordable?” (The fact that it is modeled by some of fashion‘s most in-demand faces doesn’t hurt either.)

The Essential Design of Jerry Lorenzo

Because of our history and culture of compassion and understanding, the adjustment has not been difficult for us as a brand,” Lorenzo explained. Since I was a child, I have always been surrounded by this as a person of colour. From choosing our clothes to running our office, we’ve always valued diversity and inclusion. It is important to us that we invest in people from various backgrounds and cultures in order to tell the most honest stories possible. The actions of Lorenzo echo the words he said. Fear of God collaborated with eight other brands to fund George Floyd’s daughter’s trust fund last month.

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