Flowers That Deter Pest Insects From Your Vegetable Garden

by kirsten

Planting flowers is a natural way of keeping insects out of your vegetable garden. Research has shown that you can plant certain plants near other plants, or companion planting, to help repel unwanted pests from your garden. In addition, some of our favorite flowers can repel insects with their fragrances, oils, or colors. Continue reading to find out the best vegetables for repelling pests.


Aster is a beautiful perennial that can be used as a border in vegetable gardens. Asters are effective at repelling almost all insects. Asters can be planted with sunflowers to create a vibrant effect or as an insect repellent. The proper placement for your asters and your garden can keep unwanted pests away from your vegetable plants.


Calendula is a beautiful flower that repels garden pests. Although Calendula flowers look like marigolds, this herb is known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Calendula can be grown near any vegetable or herb and is particularly effective at repelling tomato hornworms and asparagus beetles.


Planting chrysanthemums can be a great way to eliminate nematodes and spider mites in your garden. In addition, because they are colorful and easy to grow, chrysanthemums are famous for flowers that repel pests. Therefore, it is best to plant them near tomato plants. On the other, you should not cultivate chrysanthemums near the lettuce.


Geraniums are a great way to protect cabbage and other leafy greens. They are loved for their beautiful blooms but can also repel insects like cabbage and corn earworms. You can plant geraniums in your vegetable garden or cabbage patch for maximum insect repelling properties.


Lavender is pleasant to the nose and a favorite of many people. However, most insects and animals won’t be able to smell it. So gardeners can use lavender to repel mosquitos and other insects. This aspect is a good thing. You can plant lavender with roses and herbs like rosemary, but it doesn’t get along with mint or impatiens.


Marigolds are beautiful flowers that repel insects. You can use marigolds to repel insects around a wide range of vegetables. For example, these flowers are great for repelling Mexican bean beetles, nematodes, and other insects. They also make a great companion for tomato, pepper, potato, and eggplant.


It’s time for nasturtium planting if aphids are choking your garden. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and beautiful in bloom. They repel squash bugs, whiteflies, aphids, and striped pumpkin beetles. Plant nasturtiums close to beans, cabbages, cucumbers, and other vegetables to ensure an insect-free growing season.


Petunias are great for gardens with potatoes, squash, and beans. This flower repels many insects, including those attracted to potato plants, squash plants, and bean plants. They also attract hummingbirds. For best results, plant petunias next to tomato plants.


Tansy, an herbaceous perennial, can repel ants, flying insects, and many other beetles from your vegetable garden. This is a good choice if it’s planted near squash and potato plants. However, avoid placing it near collards.

This information will help you make a real effort to reduce unwanted pests in your garden. In addition, landscaping specialists, such as landscaping in Chatham MA, are available to help with any aspect of your landscape. They can provide many services to help you keep your property looking its best.

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