Home Offices – Remote & Home Working are Here to Stay! – An infographic from Corcoran’s

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Home Offices – Remote & Home Working are Here to Stay! – An infographic from Corcoran’s

Corcoran’sFurniture & Carpets is an Irish furniture retailer site devoted to selling top-quality furniture from manufacturers in Ireland and around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic they embraced remote and home working themselves, this is a topic they have now become passionate about, and so they decided to create an infographic. Learn more by reading their informative and educational infographic – Home Offices – Remote & Home Working are Here to Stay!”.

The infographic is divided into eight main sections, which we discuss below. The first section defines “what is remote working?” So, if you didn’t know this really helps by providing a definition and setting the scene.

Next up is a section about the rise of the hybrid worker. This discusses the recent trend in moving from both centralised office jobs to either hybrid (part-time remote) or full-time remote working roles.

The third section “a new emphasis on remote working” covers the underlying reasons behind why it has become so popular in the last twenty years. Reasons include COVID-19, environmental factors, and improved IT infrastructure with seven reasons listed in total.

The fourth section provides a large list of remote and home working benefits for both employees and businesses. Unlike many other workplace initiatives, remote working is a true win for both parties. Employees benefit in areas such as improved work/life balance and travel time whereas businesses benefit from reduced property costs and improved environmental footprint. Click to read the entire list!

As with most good things in life, some effort is required. The next section discusses home working challenges for employees and businesses. These are necessary challenges, which need to be overcome before remote working is possible. Obstacles such as IT infrastructure and numerous others are discussed.

In the sixth section “How has home working grown over time?” a range of data and statistics are presented to back up that remote and home working is becoming more popular.

Although home seems the most obvious place, section seven recommends various suitable working spaces for remote working.

The final section discusses office furniture, which as a major Irish furniture retailer, Corcoran’s has expert knowledge. Learn about the types of furniture needed for remote working.

The infographic provides very useful information about remote and home working and gives an ideal oversight for employees and businesses that may be considering future adoption of remote working practices. We recommend you click this link to view the infographic.

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