Mention The Uses Of Particle Board In Making Various Useful Products

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Particle board furniture is nothing but inexpensive furniture products made using waste wood materials, and it is made by combining resin and sawdust under heat pressure. Such material helped make low-end home décor furniture and was used as an underlying layer in several countertops. You can contact particle board furniture manufacturers to know more about the material and its benefits. Using such materials, you can style your home on a low budget, and the life span is also noteworthy and based on its utility.

Features Of Particle Board:

Particle board is a cost-effective material used in making various types of furniture. It is obtained by recycling timber wood which is eco-friendly and sustainable. The sustainability is due to the compression of glue with the wood chips under high heat and pressure to form a plank. The features of the clipboard are as follows.

  • Its composition is made using wood chips, shaving, fibers, and adhesives
  • It includes low strength
  • Its screw-holding capacity is soft
  • It gives the best finishing for the furniture after stained and lacquered
  • The cost is comparatively low hence suitable for making inexpensive home décor furniture

Contact the particle board furniture manufacturers to make budget-friendly furniture for your commercial and residential usage.

Benefits Of Particle Board Furniture:

Particle board furniture includes several benefits for the users, and it is the idle choice for low-budget furniture making. The advantages include

  • The surface of particle board is comparatively smoother than plywood
  • It is a nature-friendly material manufactured from the scraps of other lumber products
  • Particle board is a lightweight material hence remains easy to move and transport
  • It is a cost-effective material compared with plywood

Usage Of Particle Board:

Particle boards are a highly versatile material, and it is used in several home decor ideas. It is best suitable for

  • Floors
  • Fittings and Fixtures
  • As a base material for parquet floors
  • As a base material for covering strips
  • Furniture and so on

Besides these usages, the material is highly used in DIY ideas and projects as they remain less expensive. It is the best option to décor your home interiors with this particular type of material to get the best outlook and finishing.

Grades Of Particle Board:

Particle board is available in various grades and differs in their usage and application. Here are the qualities of particle board to give you a better reference. The grades include

  • Industrial Grade M2 and M3 suitable to use in cabinets, furniture, and fixtures
  • Commercial Grade MS and suitable to use in cabinets and laminated panels
  • Countertop grade M2 suitable to use in post-formed countertops and laminated panels
  • Shop Grade M1 convenient to use in the economy panel for various non-structural applications

The particle board furniture manufacturers use the appropriate grade to manufacture the products based on their requirements and applications.

Different Types Of Particle Boards:

Particle boards are available in different types, and their classes are mentioned here as references. The types include

  • Single-layer particle board
  • Graded –Density particle board
  • Three-layered particle board
  • Melamine particle board
  • Cement-bonded particle board
  • Veneered particle board and
  • Laminated particle board

The particle board furniture manufacturers use the type of particle board based on its use and application to make the product the best in all features.

Uses Of Particle Board:

Particle boards are used as a covering for hardwood floors as it protects the floor against scratches.

  • It is used to make floors in temporary structures and as an underlayment for wood and parquet flooring or carpets.
  • It is used in making the core of solid core and flush doors
  • The smooth and flat surface of the material makes it suitable for making doors
  • It is known for its best screw-holding capacity that helps in fixing hinges
  • It is used in making false ceiling
  • Particle boards are best known for their thermal insulations
  • Such panel is used in making ceiling tiles in specific types of buildings
  • Particle board is best for making all kinds of furniture like dressing units, tabletops, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, beds, shoe racks, and so on
  • Particle boards are used in making speakers as they have the capability of absorbing sound
  • Particle boards have a usage in walls and floors of recording studios, auditoriums, and media rooms

Get The Best Price:

Contact the manufacturers to get the best price for the material to make the best and most inexpensive furniture for your commercial and personal use. The manufacturers are ready to supply the material at the best price based on the material requirement quantity.

You can also get discounts on massive purchases when you place bulk orders. Free shipment is also available for the supply, and you can contact them to place your requirements.


Particle board furniture has plenty of applications and is one of the best inexpensive materials available in the market. It has many uses in designing home décor ideas, especially in kitchens and making wardrobes.

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