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Commercial Cleaning Service

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The first step in promoting your commercial cleaning service is to get the word out. You can do this by putting up magnetic signs and brochures and sending out postcards to local businesses. You can also purchase radio advertisements. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and offer incentives to clients who refer you.

Cleansing work areas

An effective commercial cleaning service improves the work environment for various reasons; A clean environment promotes productivity and encourages employees to work more efficiently. A tidy work area is also safer for customers. Additionally, a clean workspace prevents potential health hazards and increases employee satisfaction. A commercial cleaning service can also improve the HVAC system, which helps to keep workplace air quality up to standard.

Common areas

One of the reasons to hire a commercial cleaning service is to keep common areas clean and attractive. Unfortunately, due to heavy foot traffic, common areas can become a source of dirt and debris. For this reason, it’s essential to implement a cleaning plan that emphasizes durability and maintenance. An Anago Franchisee will have products that will remove grime and add shine to your common areas.

Common areas in an apartment or condominium complex can suffer from muggy summers and cold winters. In addition, these areas can be prone to fingerprints and dirt stains. Finally, soiled walls can discourage potential tenants and guests from residing in the building.


The restrooms in a business need regular cleaning and maintenance. Toilet paper dispensers and air fresheners must be refilled and appropriately stocked. The floor and baseboards should be free from stains and dirt. Toilets and urinals should be sanitized, and all liquids and soil should be removed from the fixtures. The drinking fountains should be cleaned and disinfected, as well as the nozzles and the base of the faucets.

A commercial cleaning service has experienced staff and comes prepared to clean restrooms. The crew has disinfecting solutions, toilet brushes, paper towels, and microfiber cleaning cloths. They will also restock restrooms. In addition, a commercial cleaning crew is trained to avoid cross-contamination, waste removal, and other best practices.

Reception areas

Office reception areas should be maintained and cleaned thoroughly to ensure an excellent first impression. The reception area should be free of clutter and have clean floors and healthy plant life. It should also have a stocked refrigerator and supplies. The services of commercial cleaning services should include these essentials.

Reception areas receive a large amount of foot traffic every day. Therefore, they are often dirty and require frequent cleaning. This cleaning involves floor stripping and waxing or hiring a professional carpet cleaner.


Hiring a commercial cleaning service for offices is an excellent way to keep your workplace spotless. A commercial cleaning company can handle various daily tasks, including specialized cleaning. Offices with large staff may need dedicated cleaners to keep everything sparkling. An office cleaning service can also help keep your employees focused and worry-free.

Finding a commercial cleaning service for offices should be easy with the internet. Fortunately, many office cleaning organizations in NYC have been in business for a long time. Most have extensive experience and utilize the latest cleaning techniques. While there are a few things that you should look for in an office cleaning service, one thing is guaranteed: an office cleaning service should be reasonably priced and equipped to clean large areas.

Special events

When looking for a commercial cleaning service for special events, it is essential to understand their policies. You want to hire a company that you can trust and is reputable. You can find out about their reputation online by reading customer reviews. Please pay attention to the number of positive and negative remarks and the dates when they were posted. You also want to hire a company that offers a guarantee for the cleaning of the venue.

An excellent commercial cleaning service should have several options, including a special event package. This will cover critical duties throughout the event. For example, technicians can vacuum and treat carpets, sweep and polish hard floors, and wipe down windows and entryways. They will also clean restrooms and other areas that experience high traffic.

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