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Once, learning to code was viewed as a difficult and complex task that should only be attempted by adults. Today, however, there are many apps that teach children how to code. It’s an interesting thing to learn early and it has many benefits, as we’ll show. You might wonder what the best app for kids to learn coding. We will be reviewing a number of the top kids’ coding apps. This should help you to make informed decisions about which app your child is using to learn to code.

Should Your Child Learn

According to Stack Overflow, Many children learn how to code well before they reach ten years of age. It’s beneficial for your child that they learn to code.



1 Coding Teaches Your Child How To Solve Problems

Coding is not about learning the language but actually using it to solve problems. Even at a beginner level, coding requires children to think outside of the box. Coding is a great way to learn problem-solving skills, even if you are just starting out.


Coding allows your child to reduce large problems into smaller problems, which is something computers do all the while. This is known as “computational thinking” and allows your child to think like computer. It also makes it easier for them to solve real-life problems.



2- Coding Instructions for Your Child

Everyone has heard the saying that failure is part and parcel of the path to success. It is difficult to fail repeatedly while remaining determined. Coding is a profession in which failure is not only inevitable but necessary.


Programming is about solving problems. Your child must face every problem that they might encounter in order to create a program that works. Your child must learn to accept failures and create a program that is successful, no matter how easy it may seem. Coding is one rare profession that teaches you how to fail, try again, and repeat.



3- Coding Guarantees a Career

Many employed adults have found that the ability to code is a valuable skill. Your child can learn to code and secure a few jobs in the future. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they will have to code their entire lives, it does mean that they have an alternative to their peers.


Your coder child will have more options than their peers when they graduate high school with their peers. Colleges and universities will accept resumes that demonstrate useful skills even if they are not directly related. Your child’s ability to code opens up opportunities in the job market.



4- Coding Improves Your Child’s Teamwork

Contrary to popular belief coders don’t work alone in their basements. They are often glued to a computer screen for long periods of time. Coding is a team sport. Most projects require a group effort. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is not the preferred way of working.


Coding in a team is solving problems together. Your child will learn teamwork when they code. Your child must first explain the problem to someone else when they encounter it. They will then need to collaborate with other people to solve the problem. This will continue over and over again. The best part is that your child will learn how to work in a team.






How can my child learn to code?

Developers have often thought of creating apps to help the younger generation learn to code. Each app is unique and uses a different style to help children learn to code. There is a difference between a 9-year-old child and a teenager of 15 years. They need different coding apps. Here are some of the top coding apps available for each age group.


As we move forward, you will likely notice a theme: the app is more game-like for the younger target audience. Apps that are more geared towards older audiences will gradually lose their “gamey” aspect and your child will learn real programming languages such as JavaScript. You should also note that not every app has an exact age range. An app designed for ages 9-13 can also be used by a 15-year-old. We believe that the app is most beneficial for those aged 9-13.



Code Karts: Best Coding App for Pre-Readers

Code Karts is designed for children aged 3-5 years old. It’s a game where your child can race cars. To make the cars actually move, your child must drag-and-drop code. This app is perfect for pre-readers. There’s no need to read. You can start the app with the first ten levels free. After you purchase the full experience, you will have 60 levels to choose from.



  • Colorful UI is exciting for young children
  • Doesn’t require any reading
  • Gamified learning experience
  • One-time payment for full access to all levels
  • Available for Android and iOS


ScratchJr: Best Free Coding App for Kids

ScratchJr is our only free app. It doesn’t require any subscription or paid version. This app is named after Scratch, a popular programming language. Children can create short clips, games, and their own voices using the drag-and-drop feature. This app is best for children between 5 and 7 years old.



  • Gives your child the freedom to do whatever they or want
  • Enables drag-and-drop coding
  • Completely free
  • Animations and characters are bright and child-friendly
  • Available for iOS and Android.


Tynker: Best Educational Coding Game

Tynker stands out from all the other apps because it allows your child to create a game. Your child will have the ability to create their own games and modify existing ones right from the beginning. You can also make your own Minecraft mod, which is a very popular game for children. It offers block-building programming and voice instruction for children younger than 6 years old. There are even courses that teach real programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.



  • This app is suitable for all ages, but it’s best for children aged 5-10
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • The free version, as well as subscription plans that allow you to access more stories
  • Community-coded challenges and features keep things fresh


Nancy Drew Clues and Codes: The Best Story-Based Coding App For Kids

Imagine your child as a robot dog and a female cop who must put together evidence. Imagine that your child is learning the basics of programming while experiencing the story. This app is best for children aged 6-10 years. Its focus on the story is what makes it stand out on this list. This story-focused app has a downside: it is limited in its ability to code.



  • Attracts kids who are less interested in games and more about stories
  • The first chapter of the book is completely free, and all subsequent chapters are available for purchase
  • Focuses more on interaction and entertainment
  • Teach skills like problem-solving and algorithmic thought
  • Available for Android and iOS


Kodable: Best Premium Kid Coding App

Kodable is perhaps the most well-known household name on this list. The story begins with a simple story to set up the next chapter. Your child attempts to rescue aliens from a mysterious planet. Kodable is a great place to teach your child programming languages such as Python. There are many courses that can be used at school or at home. It can even be used in a K-5 classroom curriculum. This app is most appropriate for children between 5 and 10.



  • Has a 7-day trial
  • Only available on iPad
  • Includes tools to help parents and educators


Sphero Edu: Best Kid Coding App for a Robot

Sphero Edu, an app designed to teach children aged 5-13 how code is created. This app is unique because it allows kids to see their coding results in real-life. The Sphero robots and kit kits that you can purchase are more expensive than the other apps. Sphero, however, is much cheaper than other app-controlled robots. This is a great middle school coding app.



  • Sphero robots come in different versions, such as Star Wars droids
  • Sphero robots can be extremely durable and even waterproof
  • This app is available on both iOS and Android
  • Your child is excited to learn coding in order to play with the robot

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