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If you have thought of flying with Allegiant Airlines Flight, you must know some things. The best days to fly on Allegiant Air depend on the type of flight and its route. If it is a domestic flight, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to buy tickets. However, if you are looking to book an international flight, then Wednesday and Thursday is the best option. Wednesday is the best day to book your Allegiant Air tickets.

How to earn discounts and get the cheapest Allegiant flights

  • Booking Allegiant flights in advance as possible

Allegiant Airlines announced that booking their upcoming schedule six to nine months in advance is the best and the cheapest time to buy. If you have planned your trip dates well in advance, you can easily find $29 flights for both departing and arrival options.

Most Allegiant travelers book their seats with three or fewer weeks’ notice. If you can book your flights at least a month before your date of departure, then you can find yourself beating a majority of passengers to booking and save $60+ for yourself in this process.

  • Booking flights at the airport is best

If your local airport is near your locality or town, you can maximize your savings with this unknown hack. Hence by purchasing your tickets from the airport, you can save $13 per flight in overall fees. During Allegiant’s checkout process, you’ll find a Carrier Usage Charge, which is $13, added to each ticket. This remains hidden among the fees.

  • Do not skip signing up for Allegiant’s Newsletters

You might find Newsletters annoying. However, signing up for Allegiant’s Newsletter will be worth it. By signing into the airline’s newsletter, you can learn about the 29, $39, and $49 flight sales. Do not worry about your inbox getting spammed since Allegiant Airlines only provides emails when one of the sales is happening.

These steps are going to save you a lot in the long run. These types of sales occur for flights three to five weeks in advance. By giving yourself three weeks to plan, you can also save a lot on hotels and car rentals.

  • You can always go for a red-eye flight

A red-eye flight is always considered to be cheaper. If you can choose a red-eye flight, do not miss the opportunity and always go for red-eye flights.

The best time to fly is Allegiant Airlines

Generally, it has been found that Allegiant Airlines flights are cheaper during weekends as compared to weekends. Therefore while booking your tickets, make sure to focus more on the services offered by the flight during the weekend. Traveling in the off-season is one of the wisest decisions to be made. If you have planned your trip during the hours when no one travels, you can save a lot on the cost.

The early morning, late night, or midnight time mainly falls within red hours. If you do not know, then the hours when the least people travel are known as red hours. Hence if you are booking the Allegiant Airlines Flight ticket during these hours, there is a surety that you will end up getting the cheapest and the best deals.

In this way, you can get hold of cheap Allegiant tickets. The prices of Allegiant Airlines tickets, do fluctuate. However, the fluctuation in the prices depends on the demand and supply of the passenger and the flight ticket. The ultimate solution to everything is booking in far advance. If you face any problems regarding any section of Allegiant Airlines, you are free to approach its service center.

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