Guidelines For A Scholarship To Study In Canada

Scholarship To Study In Canada

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Recently, there has been a rise in the number of students aiming to bag a Scholarship To Study In Canada. Tourists from all over the globe fly down to this place to capture this view and make memories otherwise they only get to see from a distance.

Nonetheless, students nowadays are keen on visiting this North American space to pursue academic purposes. And there are a variety of reasons which makes them do so. Let’s have a look into those:

The education provided in Canada is top grade. 2 out of 5 educators/instructors teaching in this space are qualified with international degrees and well versed with the relevant know-how. According to the global University rankings, there are four top universities from Canada out of the list of 100.


  • Stereotype-less society:

The Canadian crowd is warm and friendly towards the international folks, always welcoming students from different parts of the globe. Also, as per studies, Canada’s crime rate is much less than that of other countries. The people residing here are open to various races, creeds and language specificities.


  • Plenty of options to explore:

When in Canada, you get to explore more than the regular academic life. The scenic beauty of the lush coastline in British Columbia and the rocky mountains of Alberta is a deal maker. You get to make many memories and cherish those for a lifetime, which otherwise would not have been possible.


  • Safe and Peaceful:

Canadian Universities do their best to safeguard the interest and cultural and physical boundaries of their students from various physical boundaries.


  • Part-time work opportunities:

Students can work for twenty hours every week when in Canada during a particular semester. Moreover, students working within the campus or as an intern in a reputed company do not need to apply for an extra work permit. Their student study permit will do all the work.


  • Post work permit:

As an international student, you are variable about receiving a post-graduation work permit and staying back in Canada. On the other hand, it assures a comprehensive work experience once you have freshly completed your course, which otherwise is not readily available.


  • Student-specific healthcare services:

As a student (international) with a valid study visa, you can easily avail yourself of this opportunity.


  • Affordable:

It is always essential for a Student Studying Abroad to focus on the financial part and decide on the other needful. In this case, most of us back out, as the cost of living is much higher than what we can afford. Under such circumstances, the education system in Canada is affordable by nature, and the overall cost of living is entirely under control. Also, you can seek part-time jobs after classes, and the employers are pretty helpful.


Type Of Scholarships In Canada

Now that it is clear why Canada stands out from the rest regarding seeking education abroad. Let’s have a look at the various scholarship types available for international students seeking to pursue their academic courses in Canada:


  • Government (Canadian) Scholarships: The Government of Canada offers scholarships to students from different nations, encouraging their academic pursuits.
    • Vanier Graduate Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to international students who have consistently excelled academically and possess strong research potential. The value of the grant is 50,000 CAD for three years.
    • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship: The particular is awarded to students from commonwealth countries who have applied to pursue a doctoral program in Canada. The value of this particular scholarship stands at 10,000 CAD for a year and gets renewed annually.
    • Ontario Trillium Scholarship: It is granted by the government of Ontario to students pursuing Ph.D. programs from top universities in Ontario. The scholarship’s value lies at 40,000 CAD per year and gets renewed at four years.
    • IDRC Research Awards:Middle-income students from developing countries can apply for these awards if they’ve applied to a university in Canada. The value of the scholarship varies between 42,033 to 48,659 CAD, with additional funds upto 15,000 CAD.
  • Non-Government Scholarships: Non-governmental trusts, organizations and foundations offer scholarships to help students with their academic ventures.
    • Anne Vallee Ecological Fund: the grant value stands at 15,000 CAD per year. It is for the students applying for Ph.D. level studies on the subject of animal research at the universities of British Columbia and Quebec.
    • Canada Memorial Scholarship: The scholarship will cover airfares, tuition and accommodation charges, with education as the main.
    • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships: The Trudeau Foundation offers a variety of scholarship and fellowship grants to international students applying for doctoral-level studies at selected institutions in Canada.
  • Institutional Scholarships:You need to score adequate grades to avail yourself of scholarships arranged by various universities/colleges in Canada.
    • McGill University: You can apply for the same as an undergraduate or Ph.D. course. The funds allocated range between 3000 to 12,000 CAD.
    • University of Toronto: It is for undergraduates, and the grant amount varies from one person to another, depending on their grades.
    • University of British Columbia: You can apply for the same as an undergraduate, and the grant varies accordingly.
    • University of British Columbia: The scholarship course is for students applying for postgraduate and doctoral degrees. You will get to avail of 14,000 CAD as a Master’s student and 18,000 CAD as a PhD applicant per year.
    • Dalhousie University: The grant amount does keep on varying and is applicable for postgraduate and doctoral degrees.
    • Université de Montréal: Undergraduates, post-graduates and doctoral degree applicants can apply. However, the grant amount is variable.


The eligibility criteria of these scholarships keep on changing from time to time, depending on the highest marks scored by students in a particular year.



Scholarship In Canada: Application Process

The application for scholarship process in Canada is also somewhat lengthy and complex. The process gets easy with a perfect academic score and the right degree in appropriate subjects. Overall, the eligibility criteria keep on changing from time to time, depending on the subject or course you are enrolling in. However, some of the general criteria continue to be the same. Let’s look into those:


  • Academic Excellence: You must possess good grades per Canada’s educational criteria.


  • Language Skills: Scoring good grades in TOEFL/IELTS exams will increase your chances of bagging a scholarship.


  • Extracurricular Experience:Students with indulgence in extracurricular activities and community service are given a special preference over the rest.


Steps To Apply For Study In Canada:

Here is a step-by-step approach that you need to follow while applying to study in Canada:

  • Start your scholarship search process after applying to the college of your choice. Look out for the options available – government, non-government and university-wise.
  • Make sure to check out the type of grant they will provide. As most scholarship grant providers look after your academic needs and not the accommodation charges that come along.
  • If yes! Check for the cut-off and the name of the exam.
  • Be sure of the visa policies applicable in Canada and take measures accordingly.


Final Thoughts

On the other side, the country is now well known for its top-quality Education facilities and student-friendly daily life.


Author Bio

Neela Rai lives in India. She has joined the core team of as a student counselor, offering assistance to students aiming for a scholarship to study in Canada.

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