How to Read Maildir Email in Outlook?

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Want to know the solution for the query how to read Maildir email in Outlook urgently? Many users want a perfect strategy so that they can easily convert Maildir files in PST file format. Then this post is indispensable to read for you. As in this post the perfect strategy to convert Maildir files in PST elaborated in the simplest manner. Now here the introduction of the Maildir files and PST files mentioned below:

What are Maildir Files?

Maildir files contains email messages precisely. Initially only Qmail accessed the Maildir files now many more mail server access it like Dovecot, Xmail, Courier etc. The file format includes 3 sub-directory such as Tmp, Cur and New.

Tmp: It stores the incoming email temporarily.

New: all unread incoming messages stores in this folder. The folder maintains all the email properties safely, and route and path of the email message also maintains by the folder.

Cur: This section contains all the read messages. The folder remains in the well maintained order here.

What are PST files?

 PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a file format of the Microsoft Outlook. And the file stores different items such as email messages, Calendars, Contacts, events etc. A PST file can store the items in bulk like the complete Inbox unlike the MSG files that stores only single item of the Outlook.

Maildir to PST Software- Perfect Strategy to Convert Maildir Files in PST File Format

 CubexSoft Maildir to PST Converter is the safest source of conversion that provides instant result without any error. Here is the preview option that is meant to recheck the added files for conversion once again. Different filters option enables you for the selective conversion and the filter are like email filter, date filter, and attachment filter. Users can conveniently break the large size files in small PST files as per their need. Users can choose the destination path of the resultant files so that they may easily get the access of the converted PST files afters the conversion. Just after the procedure of conversion finishes the conversion log repot displays on the screen consisting all the required information of the conversion. The file is in the TXT file format opens in Notepad and you may save it.

How  Does the Maildir to PST Tool Function?

Following are the complete detailing about the functioning of the software or we can say the practical approach of the above mentioned Maildir to PST Converter given:

Step1: Launch the Maildir Converter in the system.

Step2: Now directly go to the first option from the menu bar that is “Select File” option.

Step3: Now add the files for conversion using “Select File” and “Select Folder” option available on the tool’s main screen.

Step4: Now after clicking the “Next” tab. The tool show all the selected files with checkboxes. Tick the relative checkbox that is meant to convert in PST format for you.

Step5: Now here are the “Preview” option and Save Attachments option available for the users.

Step6: Now click the “Export” tab that opens “Select Saving Option”. As you know that we want PST output option. So go with that.

Step7:  Now you may apply filters to your files for specific conversion, and here is an option available too that is for the PST Split.

Step8: Now go with the “Browse” option that avails to choose the “Destination Path” to save the resultant files in the desired path.

Step8: Press “Export” tab now.

Step9: Now the processing start with displaying the complete status.

Step10: At last click the OK button it ends the process successfully.

Ending Note

So, the users as you got the solution for how to read Maildir email in Outlook. Now you must launch the Maildir Converter Software in the system to convert Maildir files in PST file format. I can assure you that there will be no such difficulty can trigger you while the conversion procedure. As the procedure is so simple that includes only few easy steps that can be adaptable by anyone even the users from non-tech background also perform the conversion procedure without any complications. The software runs on Windows OS like Window 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc. Now grab the free trial edition of the tool and convert first 25 Maildir files per folder without any expense or charges.

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