MageAnts Top 2 Magento 2 Extensions

MageAnts have released 2 more extensions magento 2 import export product attributes and magento 2 order attachment

by MageAnts

Top New Released Magento 2 Extensions of MageAnts

  1. Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes
  2. Magento 2 Order Attachment
  • Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes

magento 2 import export product attributes

magento 2 import export product attributes

The import and export functions are by default present in Magento 2, but the absence of the Magento 2 import export product attributes module makes shopping difficult for customers. It is because this extension provides customers with a choice to select anyone among the distinct variations of their desired products. Therefore, this import export product attributes extension allows admins to import and export multiple products attributes through CSV files for quick migration.

With the help of the Magento 2 import export attributes extension, store admins can export all attributes and import bulk attributes.

Key Features

  • It helps in customizing import and export aspects.
  • The extension also certifies the CSV files before importing them.
  • It allows mass imports and exports of all attributes of any product.


The import-export attributes module for Magento aids the admin in easily importing any product’s attributes to a particular website within a CSV file. The store admin must prepare CSV files with required information about the product attributes.

With the help of this extension, admins can move the products’ attributes using CSV files. This extension is effortless and ensures zero errors while creating product attributes. Admins can create all new attributes, delete old attributes and merge existing ones with new attributes. 

  • Magento 2 Order Attachment

Magento 2 Order Attachments

Magento 2 Order Attachments

Customers can now upload files including images, PDFs, word documents, excel sheets and other attachments while placing orders with Magento 2 Order Attachment extension. With this plugin, store owners can optimize their order management process by creating order notes and highlighting them with colored flags, badges and labels.

Key Features:

  • Easy for admin to configure the attachments to be set
  • Store admin can set order attachment on the sales order and view
  • Easy for customers to check uploaded attachments count
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Customers can easily decide on adding or deleting attachments 


Providing orders with the necessary information, including images, screenshots, logos, designs, mockups, docs, user manuals, instructions and invoices, helps store owners process orders efficiently. Thanks to MageAnts’ Magento 2 Order Attachment extension. With the help of this order management plugin, a store owner can allow or disallow customers to upload attachments for an existing order. Moreover, the Order Attachment extension for Magento 2 will enable customers to add attachments to the shipping or payment page. 

Now, store admin can see all the order attachments with the sales order view section. This plugin help store owner establishes effective communication with customers, streamlining store performance and enhancing customer experience.

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