Different Types Of Loungewear

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What is that one outfit which makes you feel comfortable all the time? What is that one outfit which you love the most and can wear it anytime you want? This outfit is something that helps you in sleeping peacefully and you prefer it the most above all other outfits. This outfit is none other than the loungewear. A loungewear is an informal clothing which has been designed to wear at home. Over the time, people have started wearing it outside as well, but when it was designed for the first time, it was intended to be worn at home. You will find different types of women’s loungewear to be worn at home. You can wear this attire to sleep as well, but basically it is designed to be worn while lounging at home.

The attire is cost-effective, therefore it is the most preferred outfit by every woman worldwide. Although it costs less, there is no compromise made in its design and fabric. In other words, you will find high quality loungewear at a very low cost. You can wear this attire for a long period of time on an everyday basis, such as for months and for years. In this article we shall be looking at different types of loungewear that you can wear everyday and feel comfortable at home. Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK, where you will get winter loungewear for women, Italian knitwear, plus size knitwear (plus size knitwear UK), patchwork dresses, gothic dresses and so on all over the UK.

Let us now look at different types of loungewear that you can wear while lounging at home.

Loungewear Set

One of the most common loungewear that you will find everywhere in the market is a lounge set consisting of a top and a pair of pants. It is something that will make you feel so comfortable that you will not prefer to wear anything else when you are wearing this outfit. It is somewhat similar to those of pyjamas. However, it is designed in such a way that you can wear it when you are going out. For example, you can wear yoga pants with a top, similarly, a tracksuit or a hoodie set is something that you can wear while going out. These days tie-dye loungewear sets are on trend and you can wear them to get a trendy and contemporary look. Also there are plenty of winter loungewear sets available in the market with trendy designs and styles.

Pyjamas as Loungewear

After the loungewear set, pyjamas are the most common loungewear that women prefer to wear at home. This comfy attire is something that women will wear for an entire day without any hesitation. In fact you can wear this attire to sleep and you will not feel any discomfort at all. It is basically a two-piece garment consisting of a top and a pair of shorts or bottoms. Traditional pyjamas basically consist of a pair of long pants and a long-sleeved, button up jacket. Contemporary pyjamas on the other hand, consist of a t-shirt or a camisole or a short-sleeved, button up top and a pair of pants or shorts. This women’s loungewear is something that is worth buying.


Caftan loungewear may have become a trend in recent times, but its history is around thousands of years old. Today, it is not only worn as a loungewear at home, rather it is also worn as an option for poolside lounging; basically women are now-a-days wearing it as a coverup for their swimsuit. Although it is a Persian term, historically, it has originated from the Middle East, particularly from Mesopotamia. It is an ankle-length, unstructured, long sleeved tunic that will make you immensely comfortable, not only at home but also outside, if you choose to wear it.


Robes are generally worn during the night time before going to bed. It is a loose fitting attire with sleeves and comes with wraps or ties in the front. Sometimes it is elaborated with luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet, and sometimes it is simple with some practical designs. It always extends below the waist. Robes are either long till the ankle or are short that is below the waist and above the knees.

Summing Up

These are some of the women’s loungewear which you can buy for yourself to feel comfortable at home. Since winter is not far behind, it will be better to opt for winter loungewear to feel warm and comfy.

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